Webcam come. what else could he do? Hare’s lips, pressing the barrel with a hot ring, closed tight on a hard hot member – and Cormorant, feeling how the head of his member turned out to be in a hot, moist mouth, inadvertently froze with pleasure.
Hare’s tongue, pressed by the head of the penis, itself stirred, finding a place in the filled mouth, – The hare, involuntarily adjusting, involuntarily slid its tongue over the bridle of the penis, and because of this involuntarily caressing touch from the Cormorant, the sphincter muscles squeezed themselves, sweetly
it was a thrill! Doubtless thrill! – and Cormorant, out of inexperience wishing to get everything at once, energetically and resolutely moved the member in depth – just as Arhip did, but Hare, already partly taught by experience, immediately stopping the assertive movement of the junior sergeant, involuntarily clutching his hands at Buklan’s hips, he protested in protest, and – seizing the initiative in order to minimize the inconvenience caused, he himself tentatively moved and shook his head several times, shifting his foreskin with his lips.
– Come on, fucking.

suck – whispered Cormorant, shuddering with pleasure.
– Himself, fucking.
come on yourself Work your lips.
– Come on, fuck, Bunny, come on.
scream – do not be shy! – following Cormorant, Arkhip impatiently spoke, looking like a Hare, not trying to escape, accepting his role, seized his lips with a strained member of the Cormorant.
mechanically squeezing in his fist his sweetly aching riser, ordinary Arkhipov, who was standing at the side, looked with lust, without tearing his eyes, at the rounded lips of ordinary Hare.
Although the member of Buklan was a little less, he was just as hot, resiliently hard, perceptibly salty, without feeling any particular pleasure, which was enthusiastically written in thematic texts alone, without experiencing any particular disgust, about which others write in other thematic texts, ordinary Hare felt a tense member of Junior Sergeant Baklanov in his mouth as something foreign, filled his mouth, and this “something” was hot, hard, salty.

that’s all! Holding the Cormorant by the hips, the Hare rhythmically moved his head, stringing his mouth on an excitedly solid trunk.
in principle, it was completely simple: pressing the barrel with his lips, the Hare moved the thin delicate skin on the trunk, shifting it back and forth, causing the head of the mouth to invisibly drowned, exposing its juicy hardness and touching the wet-hot tongue, squatting – resting his back on a tiled wall, jerking off with his lips to the younger sergeant Baklanov the member sticking out of the unbuttoned fly, and the younger sergeant of the Cormorants, feeling the sweetness of the crotch in his crotch involuntarily squeezing from the hot mouth he clenched his buttocks, thereby increasing the pressure on the muscles of the sphincter, where fire already raged.
The perineum swells with an itchy sweetness, and this sweetness tickled ticklingly in the tightly compressed sphincter muscles, acted in eggs, in the penis itself, and even in the stomach.

The younger sergeant Baklanov, who had never fucked anyone before, had real sex for the first time – and the fact that his member was now not in an imaginary shell, and not even in the mouth of an imaginary bixy, but in the mouth of a guy, did not detract from the experienced pleasure, – squatting salabon he, the junior sergeant Baklanova, sucked dick, hot and wet pressed out flaming member with hot lips, and it was a buzz.
it was the most real – absolutely real, and not invented – oral sex! – Sanya, fucking.
take a break! I now – give it to me.
– Arkhip impatiently spoke in an excited voice, just as impatiently shifting from one foot to the other; he had already unbuttoned all the buttons on his trousers, and now his protruding member, along with the large eggs, was in full view.
– Give, fuck.
give me! – Arkhip repeated with fervor, looking at the hare’s lips.
Whether the Cormorant, fascinated by the process of copulation with the Hare, did not hear the word “take a breath” – I missed this word past my ears, or in response to “let me speak” from some invisibly hidden, the very corpse of the unknown depths of the subconscious arose completely unintentionally the desire to hear the words of Arkhip as “a Freudian reservation”, but only Cormorant, turning his head – involuntarily sliding his eyes over Arkhip’s lips, immediately spoke without any visible subring: – What can I give you?

Also, fuck, you want.
Webcam come.