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Another thing is clearer: I have never been so happy.
This is the most understandable.
And the most important thing.

Now – incomprehensible.
What to do? How to be with her? What should she say, how to tell her the truth? And is it necessary? And our century is much more like hell than heaven.
How to hide it from the Link of Times? I can not part with it, it is clear.
And this bishop still regrets that he was born into the world.
Word of honor.
Well, the guardian angel brewed all this mess – now mopped up! _____________________ To be continued.
ESTHER – EMPIRE PASSION PART 2 A hentai story The empress and her bodyguard had just finished putting herself in order when there was a knock at the door.
The entered girl in the courier uniform with a bow handed Esther a dispatch.
After reading it, she frowned and relayed the message to Iris.
So, another attack.
– darkened warrior, finished reading.
– Your sister is still restless.

– Hmknula empress.
– My sweet Seriniti has always been a very annoying little girl.
But there is good news – we have a captive.
And they are already working with her in the Halls of Pleasure.
I think it’s time to check if there is a result.
During the reign of mother Esther, the Halls of Pleasure were deservedly called Halls of Terror.
The enemies of the crown left their walls in the form of mutilated corpses.
Esther, having come to power, changed the method.
She preferred to re-educate rather than kill.
Her enemies emerged from the dungeons by obedient and faithful servants.
When the empress appeared in the Halls, the process of “conversion” was already in full force.
The captive – a beautiful brown-eyed blonde with a big breasts of gorgeous shape and long slender legs was chained to a torture device that resembled a gymnastic horse, but instead of a soft top he had a steel wedge-shaped rib.
This rib cut deep into the girl’s crotch, parting the outer folds, it sank into the tender flesh of the vagina.

The girl’s legs were tied so that the ankles were close to the buttocks, fixed with leather straps.
With a short chain, they were connected with hands bound behind their backs, so that the victim was deprived of the possibility of at least somehow absorbing the pressure on his crack.
The pain was supposed to be hellish, but the moisture flowing over the captive’s legs, covering almost the entire surface of the torture “horse”, testified more to pleasure.
Hello Frida
– Esther greeted the master’s shoulders, a tall, strong brown-haired woman, dressed in leather pants and a waistcoat, who did not hide either muscular arms or an impressive bust.
– How many times has she finished riding a horse? Already five times, my empress, and now will be the sixth.
Esther and Iris turned to the tortured with curiosity.
The steel rib began to move, back and forth, gliding through the girl’s crack with a wet sound.
She threw back her head, uttering loud hoarse moans, slightly muffled by a gag.

Then to this were added sharp pushes up, slightly tossing the girl in her “saddle”.
Each new push has more strongly driven metal into her tormented vagina.
The captive fought in the bonds, arched, rolling her eyes.
Saliva ran down her chin, and the animals heard hoarse cries.
Finally, a primal cry erupted from her chest, she arched so that Esther was afraid that her thin neck would break.
It was one of the strongest orgasms that she had to watch.
Finally, the captive’s body ceased to convulse and went limp, hanging limply in chains.
– Iris stated.
– What dose was she given? A standard, five milligrams.
– shrugged Frida.
Well, remove it and bring to life.
Let’s hear what she tells us.
Half an hour later, the prisoner opened her eyes.
This time, she was sprawled on a metal ring, chained her wrists and ankles to the rim.
The Empress carefully examined the prisoner.
Only now she noticed that the nipple of the left breast of the captive was decorated with a small golden ring.

She peered more closely at her face, trying to remember.
Her face.
it seems familiar to me.
– Thoughtfully handed Esther.
– ABOUT! Yes this is Summer! Our baby Summer! Remember me? The girl gave her a fierce look.
So that you died, the creature.
Ay-yay-yay, how rude.
But once we were so friendly.
However, you always went for Seriniti, like a little dog on a leash.
By the way, do you know where my sister is now? Even if you knew, you think, you would say? You can do whatever you want with me, but I will not betray Serinity.
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