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I want her to tell me how she was fucked.
But I want to see it even more.
I ask, again during sex, will you suck a member of another man in front of me? He says he will, but he wants me there, promises to swallow his sperm, groan and surrender to the fullest.

Earlier, as soon as it all started, I wanted us to fuck my wife with another man, but now I want it even more, but for a start, it would be simpler for her, I suggest we first sleep with one other man and tell everything.

And the best option would be to record their food.
All this of course excites, but ends simultaneously with ejaculation.
Then the wife begins to refuse, she says it is unnecessary for us, it is treason and she only wants me, she is afraid for our future, that I’m the glowing one, says: what if I (she) like it?: I offer it to you and it’s better than to sneak left! In general, she said she would think: as usual? But I will still pursue my own.
Now, increasingly, during sex I put a porn film where two men have one woman, she obviously likes it, but as she says, she likes to watch! And so, that week, I read the history of ICQ to my wife, she keeps it.
I used to read in a tihorya, but she, as I already said, is very decent, there is nothing fawn there, just a slight flirtation.

So here.
She was found by an old acquaintance, they hadn’t talked for a long time, he was married, and that word for word, they agreed to sit down and have a drink somewhere.
And during the discussion, the topic of my input sank (I work 3 through 3 to 22). big tits hidden cam sex In general, they agreed on Wednesday – first, because sometimes I change, and yesterday my wife asked me if I work next Wednesday.
I told her – why? She, um, well, just.
I say: what do you want on Wednesday? She, already forgot what she wanted, we just wanted to sit with Olka like: I have just a tin of these thoughts, of this histori, the member is just tin: I really want him to tear it off, but that’s why she didn’t say to me: what will not know.
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