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– Zoe Seeds! Zoya Seeds! – A sonorous, childish voice was heard over the still deserted camp.
Zoe stopped.
She caught up with Sasha, the five-year-old daughter of the head of the pioneer camp.
-Zoe Seeds, Dad: Oh! – She amusedly pressed her hand over her mouth, and immediately recovered, – Valery Pavlovich asks you to go to him.
-Good Sasha, I will come.

And you do not run so fast, look, all your hair is disheveled.
Leaving the girl to correct her hair, she went to the administrative building.
Valery Pavlovich, about 40 years old, with balding heads on his head that had turned gray early, was tall and very thin, which made the clothes hang down on him like on a scarecrow, with very sad eyes of a sick horse, was waiting for her in the office.
– Zoja Semenovna, I wanted to find out how the preparation for the reception of children is going on, did you spread the bedclothes to the corps, as I asked? – Not all, Valery Palych, not all.
-What’s the matter? Not enough time? – No, I have enough time: You are a new person in our business, let me explain a few moments to you? – Interestingly, do a favor, what I do not know! – the voice of the camp commander was filled with sarcasm.
“Nobody detracts from your organizational skills,” Zoya put up her hands in conciliation, “but camp is not a shop.
It has its own specifics and subtleties.
Spread the bed on the corps and even book the bed is nonsense, I did it for the younger detachments, but the older ones: First, they need something to take on the first day to bring down the affect of novelty, the second, it will allow the counselors to look at to the guys who work like that, thirdly, joint work brings together and helps to get acquainted.

And finally, do you really enjoy it if an old, sick woman carries heavy bags ?! At the last statement, the chief grunted ironically, and it was from that.
Thirty-two – it is not even maturity, and weight 67 with height meter sixty-four gave a pleasant roundness, from all sides, not leaving even a hint of overweight.
Yes, and the fourth-size tall breasts – this is not a cat sneezed.
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