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It seemed to me that I had seen her somewhere before.
However, hoping for a bad memory for faces, quickly said goodbye to this thought.
I did not have time to consider further.

She stood in front of me, demonstrating: a pleasant neck, beautiful shoulders and a wasp waist, which turned into an openly sexy ass, draped with a dark fabric, through which elegant panties were clearly visible.
Something moved in my soul and where it is not supposed to move in public transport.
The girl began to correct her shoulder bag and involuntarily hurt me where men have a shower.
Looking back and giving one of her charming smiles, she apologized.
Less than two minutes later, she repeated her inclinations.
And again apologized.
But already ridiculous devils tried to jump out of her eyes.
I casually touched a beautiful half-popy.
Lightning bolts ran through our bodies.
She shuddered, and I felt dizzy.
Next to us stood another woman, blocking the review from outside observers.

Looking down, she presented an ugly picture.
My soul spread its wings and seemed to be trying to take off.
And if it were not for the tissues that keep it from a rash step, who knows, who knows.
The second, biting her lip, with a frank grin, whispered something first.
She looked around and, downcast, gave me another smile from her huge arsenal, expressing this time a grin with a mockery.
It seems I turned red.
And he tried to give a mental order to stop attempts at takeoff.
But where there! Playful pen already began to frankly stroke, knead and pinch my demon.
Yes Yes! From an angel he turned into a demon.
The girlfriend who watched this, even more pressed against us to limit the view from the eyes of the outside to a minimum.
I do not know.
What she did with herself, I did not see, but I heard rapid breathing of both.
I just closed my eyes and surrendered to the flow of the river of pleasure.
Holding out his hand, he tried to stroke the ass I liked so much.

However, I was not able to know the truth of revelation.
There was a metallic voice from the speakers announcing my stop.
My petting girl removed her hand, and she and her friend hurried to the exit.
It was their stop too.
Hiding behind my bag, I ran out of the bus.
Quickly moving their pretty legs, they disappeared away, never even looking back.
A little upset and dumbfounded by the unfinished adventure, I jumped into a nearby store and sucked in the same place, slightly moving away from the cash register, a 100 gram bottle of brandy.
He sobered me up a little.
Continuing the path to the place of his arrival, not a bit late.
And even arrived a little earlier.
I am very punctual and never late and demand the same from others.
The hostess, taking a gift from me, captured my arrival, kissing her cheek, and began to acquaint with the guests.
There were not so many of them.
But among the guests were my stranger bus signs.
It almost shocked me, which can’t be said about girls.

They openly smirked, as if they were expecting a meeting with me.
Then I had to regret my shortcoming: not to memorize faces.
Probably, we used to meet somewhere, the one that seemed familiar to me.
But how much I did not strain my leaky memory – I could not remember.
While I was puffed up, remembering: where and when, all hot spots were occupied.
The hostess sat me in the middle of two matrons, whom I called to myself: “a hanger and a pan”. Md81 mini hd wifi p2p camera webcam. Fate decreed in her own way and planted my charming women far away from me.
I was angry at her and became nervous.
I wanted bus sensations, the benefit of a long tablecloth could hide everything, but not from a hanger.
I accidentally knocked her salt into her plate when she asked her to give it to her.
The pan opened, it was her mouth, but when she saw my clumsiness, she abandoned her ideas.
Fortunately, this did not last long.
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