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Natasha looked at me and it seemed to me that she smiled a little.
When we left the hallway, the girl stopped and turned to face me.
“Thank you, Uncle Serezha, I was not in the slightest bit painful,” said the familiar bag of enema and vaseline, and suddenly handed me to me, “can you lie down for a while with you?” I will probably come to you again tomorrow.

And what happened new? Yes, everything is the same, Vika meets Misha, Artem, rarely, but her father aptly enjoys the obedience of a girl, but lately Vika has become less entertained.
The summer was replaced in the autumn, it became cold and the boys no longer so zealously seize the girl on the street, perhaps the interest in the girl began to disappear.
Misha felt more and more charity for her, he became harder and harder, because for him Vika is just a rag, this thing that Artem can throw out was a little softer with the girl, although he himself wouldn’t mind making fun of him fell short.
With father Vika was rare, only the code they were alone.
He was often drunk and always angry at the girl for her behavior, and Vika, on the contrary, provoked her father to be rude to get a small portion of sweet pain and humiliation.
And he simply could not look sober at her, and if Vika started to pester, he always tried to sensitize the girl, but only did it pleasant to Vika.
Today, Saturday, the first days of November, Vika was still naked in bed, when the phone buzzed, she reluctantly got out from under the blanket and read the message from Misha. live cam nude porn Male naked spy cam.