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I’m so used to them for that day.
Have you seen how beautiful Vasya’s tan is? He and Tolik are clean-shaved.
I liked Igor’s light fluff around his pip.

So I wanted to stroke him.

And the tan and muscle relief of the boys really super! They are so bold.
Not like our boys who swim in their trousers, ”Tanya said thoughtfully.
Damn, if tomorrow I have to go swimming, then I need to shave today And me.
Let’s go to the hotel right now.
When Tolik and his brothers sailed to the camping, dusk was already approaching.
Coming out of the water, the boys felt cold.
Tolik’s skin was covered with a goose, so he offered to immediately run to the Temple of Love to warm up.
The Temple of Love was perfected, so the boys, in order to gain the main portion of the heat, had to squeeze to the center through sweaty naked bodies, tightly pressed to each other.
When Tolik was already standing in the front row, he felt someone’s arms hug him from behind.
It was Dasha: “I lost you.
Where have you gone? ”The bearded old man knew his business, so before Tolik could answer anything, he began to whip him with a broom.

Then he made him turn his back, so that Shreds unwittingly found himself in Dasha’s arms, tightly pressed against her with his whole body.
The sensation of touching a contemporary’s body with a naked body, the feeling that his dick touches the bosom of her girlfriend, completely overshadowed the sensations of heat from a broom that the bearded boy lashed at the teenager’s back.
The boy began to get excited.
“Your parents are not here.
They already have sex.
We will not break the rules if I help you relieve the tension, “Dasha whispered softly, grabbing the boy by the member.
Shreds looked around and only now noticed that half the Temple of Love is engaged in love.
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