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After a while, she felt herself dripping.
Yes, she began to get excited.
He liked it.

He pushed her onto the mattress and piled on top.
Legs – on me, – he ordered hoarsely.
She threw her legs on his back and was very open.
He looked into her eyes and abruptly inserted his penis into the vagina.
She screamed and bit her lip.
The member was big and long, and she thought that she had never had such a person before.
She lost her virginity for quite a long time, and she had many lovers, but Alla always made sure that she was comfortable.
The invasion of this giant almost broke it in half, causing wild pain.
He began to fuck her like a doll, and the girl thought that he would now pierce her through and through.
Gradually, pleasure began to break through the pain.
He liked to listen as she tried to suppress her moans.
Alla, without even noticing it, began podmahivat, trying to plant more deeply.

“God! She thought.
“God, what a slut I am!”
The suffering moans were replaced by passionate.
She screamed with excitement and desperately squirmed under a stranger guy.
Her hair was tangled and lay on the wet floor, makeup was smeared, some kind of piece of iron on the mattress painfully stung into the back.
She did not notice this.
A few more movements – and he abruptly pulled out a member and shot a jet of sperm on her belly and pussy.
Then he began to painfully pinch her swollen clit, and after a couple of seconds, she also finished.
He got up and lit a cigarette.
She turned away and stared into the corner.
Inside her, everything pulsed with desire, and she mechanically extended one hand to the clitoris, and the second began to caress her breasts.
He did not interfere with her, carefully watching her actions.
Her hands acted faster and faster, she thrust fingers into her pussy, squeezed her nipples and, closing her eyes, moaned.

He pulled her hands off her body when he saw that she was quite on the way to orgasm.
She opened her eyes and looked hurt at him.
Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her pussy – he put out a cigarette on the clitoris.
She stiffened.
He wrapped her hair in his fist and jerked him to his knees.
Right in front of her face swayed his cock.
She swallowed convulsively.
The guy put his cock in her mouth.
Alla did a blowjob a couple of times before, but this.
it was not at all like an ordinary blowjob.
He just rudely fucked her in the mouth.
Helpless Alla gagged on a large dick walking in her throat.
He firmly held her by the ears and rhythmically deeply put her mouth on his penis.
Then he thrust a member deeply into her throat and stopped for about forty seconds, not paying attention to Allyn’s tears, lowing and convulsive attempts to free herself.
He pulled out a member and began, without haste, to spank and drive the member across her face.

Alla felt incredibly humiliated.
He mocked at her, forcing her to jerk off his cock, lick the eggs, kiss them and warm in his mouth.
She swallowed tears and endured.
Finally, he finished, first filling her face with sperm, then her hair, and then her mouth filled with brackish, viscous sperm.
She did not want to swallow, but he forced.
He raised her to her feet and laid her stomach on the table so that her breasts hung down.
Turned on the lamp.
She shone very brightly.
Alla blinked.
Now not a single fold in her crotch was hidden from his eyes.
He slowly began to examine and feel the anus and womb of the girl, commenting aloud her confused places and asking questions regarding her intimate places.
She had to answer these questions, otherwise he would hurt her buttocks painfully and thrust his hand into the vagina as deep as he could, causing great pain.
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