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Then we got dressed and went to drink tea, and at night, you know what happened.
And that girl’s name was Olya, and to this day I meet her.
– I.
Quiet and riverless in our village, namely, on the beach, near the pond.
the main thing is unbearably calm and almost always deserted.
The locals have already bought enough, besides, they have their own “cops” in the gardens, and visitors.
almost not.
I love to be in the evenings near the water.
and just sit, doing nothing, looking into the distance.
It would seem that it is so ordinary, natural and not surprising.
“Looking into the distance” we associate with just some kind of left relaxation.

But no.
On this day, as usual, like everyone else, there was not a cloud in the sky.
Nature reigned everywhere and did things that seemed to man at times incomprehensible and inexplicable.
so, the sun then scorched, as in Africa, although the air was still quite saturated with moisture.
At night it was raining heavily, and the earth, richly saturated with heavenly streams, began to thirst for drought from noon.
Unbearably hot.
The sun was setting.
illuminating everything around their location.
Beautiful colour.
Suddenly, all my plentifully active thoughts were interrupted by the quiet but noticeable rustling of grass.
someone in the distance approached me with quiet, moderate steps, this rustling became closer and closer.
I did not want to lose my relaxed-romantic state because of everyone passing by.
surprisingly to myself, I reluctantly noticed that usually, when local people pass by, I did not even notice them, and could barely feel if someone was rushing quickly.

and here.
why suddenly so unexpectedly all my dreams come to an end? How many did not try, and again could not continue his lesson.
People often passed by me.
But they did not go to the beach at all; who – to the garden, who – along the path home, and who generally behind the hay cow.
But the individual, who was approaching me more and more, was obviously not going to go further along the road.
This man was already here, a couple of steps from me.
and stopped.
I froze just because all my thoughts, the most ordinary, simple, were no longer dreamy, but just the thought came instantly to an end.
I myself did not understand what was happening to me in those moments; I usually didn’t pay attention to occasional bathers and, especially, just passing by.
But here.
What happened with me? My heart was out of my will, which was pounding hard, then instantly calmed down, the blood rushed to my temple and pounded there with frantic rhythms.
I was swamped by the loss of speech, the loss of the gift of self-control.

What is it in the end? But all further attempts to master a collapsed in the dust; one thing that only I could feel at that moment, that THAT, who stands behind me is NOT SUCH as all.
How could I feel this? I myself do not know, I only know what _this_ _feeling_ and that’s all.
Who is it? What does he want from me, is not that scared but very worried about me ?.
The heart calmed down a bit, and then it began again.
And she, this person, still stood silently, probably thinking of something intently.
Finally, this extraordinary man quietly called out to me in a pleasant voice: “Igor, hello.
“and at the same time there was some kind of joyful whiff of air flow on me.
Fear of the unknown has been replaced by intense excitement.
I myself do not understand why I behaved like the most cowardly woman in the world.
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