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If you look at the excited penis for a long time, you involuntarily want to take it in your mouth.
Tolik leans back, and I slowly and hesitantly approach my face to his groin, where on top of the thick balls of his eggs proudly bulges his shiny dick.
I touch the poured harpoon with dry lips with excitement and immediately feel the heat emanating from its head.

Tolik involuntarily pushes him into my mouth, I stick out my tongue and touch the tip to it.
Licking several times, I bolt and skip the harpoon in my mouth, clasp it with my lips, pull in and involuntarily begin to suck.
So tasty! How awfully delicious !! I greedily plucked his testicles.
Tolino’s body stiffens, arches, in short jolts, as if he pokes his mouth with his dick.
I no longer resist, just trying to keep his cock from jerking out of my mouth.
I throw my leg over the outstretched Tolik and, hanging over him, arching my ass, stretch his legs.
At this moment I feel something wet on my penis, and I understand that now my dick is in Tolik’s mouth.
So, without saying a word, we began to suck each other’s members easily and simply.
Of course, like a Chinese fan, his crotch opened up in front of me, where I, with some kind of passionate disgust, saw the zest of his back hole.

I did not want to see it! Let bulging Tolina buns close IT! I suck it and hold them one by one in my hand.
And with horror I discover that the raisin comes to life, pulses and sometimes opens up.
And the more I look at the zest, the more interesting it becomes.
When I first felt Tolin sperm in my mouth, I was taken aback – he did not warn, and something turgid, sticky and soapy in taste swiftly filled my mouth, and Tolik himself was twitching and hoarse, breathing heavily.
We used to jerk each other with our hands, happily waiting for this moment.
The bright shamelessness of the fucking cum fucking was the sweetie for which it was worth tinkering.
We liked to contemplate a fountain that was convulsively beating from the resounding head, and jerking off, jerking off! We smoothly let each other to this point.
We warned in advance (“now.
now css.
mmmmm, here it is.
here! look smotruiiii !!!).
We poured sperm at each other, we loved to masturbate completely naked, and the streams of semen were sent to the chest, thighs, eggs, in the crevice of the ass.
But to feel this slush in the mouth, enveloping the tongue with slippery mucus – for this I was not ready.
That is why I disdainfully rejected, wiping his sperm from the corners of my mouth with my hand.

At the same time, however, I was holding Tolin a dying seed with the eggs in the other hand.
(To hold each other by the balls, to twist them during orgasm, we liked both, it greatly aggravated the sensations, and I squeezed my fingers deep into the scrotum, weighed one by one testicles and even twisted them slightly, causing Shred to sway and rub even more strongly with his dick.
And to suck eggs at the same time – you lose track of time!).
When his dick stopped throwing out the fountains of sperm, and it was only just oozing, I took it again in my mouth – so I wanted to suck it, extracting the rest of the juice.
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