Webcam son serra. Webcam family fun. I let the penis out of my mouth and she deftly intercepted him with her tongue sucking in her greedy mouth.
She obviously knew how to do blowjob better than me and I had a lot to learn.
Watching how Lena sucks her husband so closely that I could reach the head of Oleg with the tip of my tongue so that Oleg was so excited that I was watching porn with the effect of total immersion.
Without even waiting, I began to jerk his dick while he was in Lena’s mouth.

She smiled and let him out of her mouth sent to mine.
Brilliant from her saliva, he smelled like sweet candy – I felt like sucking a man’s dick is an incredibly pleasant experience.
As if feeling what was going on in my head, Oleg running his hand into my hair began to help me sit down on his penis.
Lena moved to him and passionately kissed her husband on the lips and then whispered something in his ear.
Oleg confusedly smiled and looked at her with a question.

Lena nodded and, turning to me, asked: “Dima, do you want to try Olezhik to fuck in the ass? Surprise, I stopped.”
– Do you want? – I asked him.
He nodded.
“Well, let’s try,” I said.
Lena began to shine and jumped out of bed and ran somewhere.
“She will bring cream now,” said Oleg, stroking my slightly fallen cock.
– You really do not mind? He asked again.
“Don’t, don’t mind,” I said, and smiled.
– Have you tried it before? – Lena finger fucks me sometimes, well, and often fantasize about this topic.
Lena came back with a cream on his feet.
– Boys, I don’t have another one, we didn’t plan anything like that.
But this one will do, ”she said, opening the jar.
– It is necessary to spread a dick and ass.
Oleg knelt and elbows back to me.
Frankly, the first time I saw a man in this position in front of me.
His slightly plump buttocks with blond hairs parted slightly when he arched his back and I saw the pink ring of his anus.

Lena plentifully smeared his ass with cream and plunged a finger there a couple of times to its very foundation.
Oleg sighed slightly audibly and sticking the ass even more.
I took a little more cream on my fingers and smeared my head well.
Lena took me by dick and pulled me closer to her husband’s priest: – Take him by the hips.
I obediently did as she says.
My member was aiming a head in Oleg’s hole.
Lena, not letting go of my penis, put his head against the husband’s anus and pressed her other hand on my ass.
Oleg groaned languidly and with his hands parted his buttocks.
I saw how his anus opened slightly and my dick entered him a little, probably one centimeter.
Oleg groaned even louder and his ass squeezed my cock tightly clasping the sphincter.
Lena pressed on my ass stronger and the head of the penis, as if breaking the barrier, easily slipped into the anus of Oleg.
Oleg groaned under me like a wounded beast.

I felt his sphincter muscles rapidly contracting.
What was going on in my head was that: I was fucking a friend in the ass under the strict guidance of his wife and the excitement of all the depravity of this went off scale.
Lena lay next to her husband and kissed him, whispering some words into her ear.
Only scraps flew to me, like “like how he fucks you?”, “Good husband, good in the ass” and so on.
Oleg was already sweeping his ass to meet my movements, and I, unable to drown out the excitement wave, squeezed his thighs in my hands and tightly settled down on his buttocks, he began to cum violently right in his ass.
Oleg groaned like an abnormal after a moment later – his sperm splashed on the pillow and on the hair of Lena lying next to him.
I with a smacking sound pulled a member out of Oleg’s ass.
He immediately went limp and a drop of semen fell on a sheet.
My sperm flowed out of my friend’s anus, slid down his thigh and dropped on a sheet.

I, as if spellbound, looked at it and in my head it pulsed only she thought: I am bisexual.
After this drunken story, we talked regularly, since we had a common company.
I remember going to the gym together, and behaved as if nothing had happened.
This case began to be forgotten.
And about a month and a half later, there was a bright Easter holiday, and I was invited to my brother’s time by the family of my friend (he lived at that time with his parents).
Although, as far as I know, none of those present did not fast, that night it was generously compensated for by an abundant breaking – including alcoholic, of course.
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