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Moreover, completely mad, she jumped around the car, screaming, hugging me, kissing and falling asleep with all sorts of thanks.
Although, and other thanks to Eli, she knew no bounds (sexual, at least).
In our opinion, after another stormy night, in a hotel room, we should have found a suitable apartment for both of us.

There, El should have settled so that we could indulge in love joys not in different hotel rooms, taken for one night, but what is called “in our living space”.
A rather difficult moment of the whole planned event, it seemed to me to explain to my aunt, Eli’s mother, why she decided to live separately.
After all, the appearance of new expensive things, Elya could explain with endless loans at work, under my protection, but moving is another matter.
However, as it turned out later, the aunt herself had long wanted to offer Elke to live in different places, but she was afraid that her daughter would understand her wrong.

Once again, I kissed my sister, and whispered in her ear that she hadn’t “come down” for a long time.
She smiled mysteriously, and ducked under the covers.
After a few moments, her gentle palm clasped my “already ready for battle” member, and began to move the skin.
Immediately after that, the head was in the gentle mouth of her sister, and the process started.
During the time that Elya was my mistress, she watched a huge number of “films for adults”, as educational videos, read the subject literature, and the daily workouts did their job.
Suck, sis became adorable.
And the situation with vaginal, and especially, anal sex has evolved very well.
My cousin’s skill in sex grew exponentially.
The elastic ring of her moist plump lips, clasped her head, giving me a lot of pleasant sensations when her mouth began to move up and down.
The tongue gently tickled her, from all sides, starting from the very tip.
org) And when she spent them on the bridle, it’s just beyond words.

And now, enjoying the efforts of my sister, I felt that the discharge was near.
I ran my hand under the blanket and gently pressed her head to my groin.
Elya understood that I was going to finish, and very tightly wrapped her head in her jaws, slowing down the pace, but intensifying the stimulation.
After a few moments, I covered the orgasm, and my sister moaned sweetly.
I released into her mouth, all that was left, and contentedly relaxed.
The sister climbed out from under the blanket and returned to the starting position with her head on my chest.
The next day at the office, after “classic sex”, I asked Elja to see ads for apartments in our city.
Sister already imagined herself in a new apartment, where everything will be as she wants.
She chose several options, and we decided to go see them right after dinner.
Frankly, I really do not like restaurants (for their pomposity, stiffness, arrogance and “mosquito” portions), and I don’t like the cafe.

You can rarely have lunch.
In general, I decided to organize a canteen in the office.
After all bureaucratic problems were settled, and technical issues (wiring, equipment, premises, and so on) were resolved, the dining room was opened.
We had lunch and went to the inspection.
However, Elke did not like any of the apartments.
One thing or the other is wrong.
She told me about “her vision,” I shared mine with her.
In the end, we concluded that none of these apartments are suitable for us.
When we got into the car, I asked my sister to do a blowjob.
And while Alea diligently sucked, rhythmically raising and lowering her head near the steering wheel, an unexpected thought came to me: we need a separate house, and at the same time, we will live together as husband and wife.
Of course, I was not going to “marry or have children” with her, I never forgot that Ale was my sister, even my cousin.
However, I constantly wanted Elja, and every time I took possession of her, the desire to fully possess her, every day, 24 hours a day, grew stronger.

Having rewarded my sister for my efforts with a portion of sperm, which she swallowed, I shared my idea.
Ale thought for a while, and then playfully declared that she, too, thought about it, but did not dare to propose.
Fortunately, in addition to the management of the housing stock, the direction of low-rise construction remained in our company.
Returning to the office, I went to the office of the deputy for construction.
It was a hefty strong uncle, fifty years old, who had excellent health and the highest qualifications.
Not knowing to knock, I opened the door and “broke in” into his office.
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