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And so began the routine.
Work, home, work, home.
I did not have friends there, the girls in my hometown did not remain, so the evenings were lonely.

But they began to establish friendly relations with one employee.
His name was Maxim, he was 25 and he worked at the company for a year and a half.
He looked good, about 184 tall, I was 175.
He had a sporty slim figure, brown eyes, and dark hair.
We met a couple of times a week at a bar next to the office and talked a lot.
Once a little drunk, raised the topic of girls.
Maxim just recently broke up with his girlfriend, as he said because of the “complexities of a female character.”
In simpler terms, she endured his brain with whims.
The conversation took place like this: – Yes, listen, Nikita, I’m tired of the chicks, I can not tolerate them, these whims, this jealousy, enough.
Nah, I surely wouldn’t have met a guy, I’m really in love with a woman’s body, but the guys ’character is much better! – I agree, of course.

But I no longer had a girl about half a year, so this problem does not really bother me.
– And what are you, already half a year without sex ?? I could not do that.
– I have to, I don’t know, I’m somehow not attracted to girls.
“Nikit, you scare me,” said Max, laughing, “but what about men?” “I wouldn’t say, I don’t know, maybe.
Just sometimes it seems that it would be cool to be a girl, to feel what they feel, just as an experiment.
– he laughed, as if to translate this phrase into a joke, but Max, it seems, understood that there is some truth in this joke.
I don’t remember the end of the night, we drank a lot more afterwards, didn’t touch on this topic any more, joked and laughed.
Then we drank more, and all that happened later was a dark spot, not a single memory.
The next morning, and it was Saturday, I woke up around one in the afternoon.
My head ached terribly, I didn’t have the strength to get up right away.
I tried to fall asleep, but it did not work.

After lying for another half an hour, I decided to stand up, take a pill from my head, eat, and then we will see.
I took the phone to check if there were any missed calls or SMS, and I could not believe my eyes.
The phone was held not by mine, but by a woman’s hand.
She was smaller than mine.
I dropped the phone and closed my eyes.
A hundred thoughts flashed through my mind.
– It seemed probably all these booze, that glitches went.
This can not be, I’m a guy, and a woman’s hand, does not converge.
Just buggy.
I got out of bed, despite my hands, decided to go to the mirror and clarify everything for myself.
What was my surprise when I did not see myself in the mirror.
In the reflection, I could see a girl who looked not like me, but it was a GIRL! I could not believe my eyes and ran to the bathroom to wash myself.
– Here it’s buggy, I thought, that’s all, I don’t drink it anymore, well, drink it in the ass so you don’t recognize yourself.
In the bath, I immediately turned on the water and washed my face several times, looked in the mirror in front of me, but nothing had changed, the girl still stood before me, pretty, with blue eyes and blond curly hair.

I looked at her breasts, she was a beautiful neat shape, probably the size of the second, with protruding nipples.
She was slim, with slim legs.
The girl, oddly enough, was wearing my pants.
I sat on the floor and leaned back against the wall.
– What the fuck happened ?? How did this happen? These and thousands more questions went through my head.
I began to remember that it was last night, the words that spoke on the bill, in order to be a girl.
But how did this happen? One thing became clear, somehow I turned into a girl and I do not know how long to live with it.
After I realized a bit of reality, curiosity got the better of him and began to look at his new body.
I liked it, the chest was not big, but the shape was cool, I touched it, stroked it a bit and I liked it.
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