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Shoot the bastard! It is good that he was behind his back.
And “Git”, meanwhile, crushed my breasts, squeezing hardening nipples to the pain, and it became more pleasant for me to take these caresses.
When he kissed my silky delicate skin of the neck, whispering, “Damn it! How are you good! Then doubts were fixed in me about whether it was worth “banging” at all this ardent young man.

The young man, meanwhile, more and more persistently caressed my breasts, relished earlobe.
Turning his face to himself passionately kissed on the lips.
Oh god How much passion, how much animal fear, how much tenderness, hopelessness, how many feelings I felt in that kiss of a beautiful young man! He kissed and caressed as if it were his last goodbye kiss in his life.
I felt that he wants me as a suicide bomber wants to live in the last moments of his worthless life before being executed.

I could not refuse an ardent young man.
A woman woke up in me.
Turning to face him, covering his neck with her hands, she answered with a gentle languid long kiss.
It was felt that the boy internally thawed, warmed.
His rough caresses became more tender, more sensual.
From my lips broke the first faint quiet sound of languor.
My beautiful female body gives off vibes of love, lust, sex.
Internally, I’m trembling all over and I want, I passionately want this pretty boy.
Kisses the chest, caresses my tongue excited nipples.
My hands move chaotically around my top without clothes.
I whisper languidly – Wait my dear boy! Do not rush! Sitting down in front of him on my knees, skillfully unbuttoning his chemise, and he will immediately take it off.
My wet tongue leaves a wet path from his nipples to the navel.
Unbutton the trouser belt, open the zipper of the fly.
He does not wear panties.

Pants fall to the floor.
What a handsome! Here it is before my eyes.
Hands and reach for him.
Lips hugged the head.
Sucked dick.
It pulsates pleasantly and it excites me even more.
I want to take it deeper and deeper.
I’m doing a great blowjob.
Rare men can withstand more than three minutes.
And the young man obviously did not offend his parents.
Slender athlete.
I want to stop playing with it, plenty.
I spend a wet tongue along the entire trunk, while looking at him in his beautiful black eyes.
Having seen my tender, tender, languid lustful look, the look of a current cat, the young man does not stand up and throws his head back.
He is “out” He is mine.
And I know that.
I had the opportunity to reach the gun lying on the floor and shoot the criminal, but I want to play with the boy.
I feel like a cat playing with a silly little mouse.
The tip of the tongue passes under the bridle of its excited head.

Surprisingly, I like the smell of his cock.
I remove a drop of dew from its cleft.
Hands cover a straight long trunk, run along all its magnificence.
Going down to the testicles, open the upper flesh.
I admit, I love to play male testicles.
Rolling them with my fingers, holding in my palm I feel my hidden power over men.
His scrotum is tense.
I suck the testicles, do massage.
Passing along the entire trunk.
I swallow deeply its intense member.
I repeat these movements again and again.
The young man groaned.
The member swells and requires discharge.
Sharply raised from his knees.
Threw on the bed.
In his eyes the fire of a predatory beast.
Braces pants.
Pink panties.
I raise my legs high helping him in this.
Catching my snow-white slender legs under my knees presses them to my shoulders.
And then he instantly passionately dug his hot, wet lips into my juicing pussy.
Passion! The fiery passion of an ardent lover covers him instantly and being transmitted to me.

Supporting me under my knees, widely spreading my slender legs with my face covers all my two-skinned.
Oh god He seems to be everywhere! He is everywhere! His sharp tip of the tongue whirls around my butt, stinging it with the tongue of a snake, then covers the whole of my wet crack.
Wet lips pulled clitoris.
This love bead is so sensitive to caresses that it seems to me a little more and I will get an orgasm.
And he entered! Entered like a butter knife! Sweet bliss envelops my body.
Oh god How nice, how nice to feel this monster inside you! Good lord How much he shakes!
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