How to work hp webcam. “You just don’t want me anymore! You don’t love me, you don’t love me!” George shouted, pushing David who was pretending to sleep to the side and almost crying in anger.
Finally, he, with all his might, slammed the pillow into his fist and dropped into his face, he began to cry bitterly.
He sobbed so plaintively that the heart of David, who silently struggled with desire with his eyes closed, did not withstand such an ordeal.

– he quietly called and, bending over him, gently touched his thighs, but George abruptly pushed his hand away and shouted through tears, dumbfounded David: – Don’t touch me! Now I do not want you! These words fell in thunder.
David’s face was shocked with horror.
“But I want you!” David shouted back, and tried to hug him, but George continued to cry and break out so that David had to use force for the first time.
He gripped George in an iron embrace and pressed his body so that he could not move.
“Let go! Let go! I don’t want you!” Don’t you touch me! – George shouted, desperately struggling.
Dead, the iron grip of David’s hands, always so gentle, and now like strangers; their unexpected brute force hurt the boy.
George felt his words hurt David.
He has never been so aggressive and cruel.
“No, let me go, let me go!

I don’t want to! I hurt! I don’t want to!” George sobbed.
“I love you! I want you! O God! Stop crying, I can’t bear your tears! Georgie, stop it, otherwise I will take you by force!” “Don’t make me rape you!” David shouted back, trying to kiss him.
But he actually had to carry out his threat, he turned over desperately struggling, sobbing George and entered into him.
And after a minute the boy fell silent and no longer tried to free himself; he just started and sobbed softly into the pillow, flattened by David’s strong body, feeling nothing but pain and his own helplessness.
When it was finally over, David sat down and clutched at his head in horror: “My God, what have I done! What have I done!” Forgive me, Georgie, forgive me if you can! “I love you, David,” George whispered; -I wanted you, you did nothing.
We just made love.
“But you cried, you didn’t want me, I took you by force!” David fell, hiding his face in his hands.
George sat on David’s knees and pressed himself against him, wrapping his muscular body around his legs, hugging his neck and laying his head on his shoulder, feeling his heart beating.
David touched him shyly.
His hands shook.
In his beautiful black eyes screamed pain.
-No, it’s not true, I wanted you.

said George and gently kissed David’s lips.
– Oh, my little! I just wanted to take care of your strength, I never thought that I would ever be able to hurt you! Do not lie, Georgie, you did not want me.
Did it hurt! -No, absolutely not.
Do not worry.
I’m not angry, I’m not in pain, and I’m fine.
said George.
They sat in a dark room without a single sound, feeling like a single whole, and only the blue light of the moon palely illuminated two figures, intricately intertwining in the dark.
Kiss me, David! ”George whispered.
David gently laid the boy on his back and, bending over him, gently touched his lips, then his neck, and began to descend below, caressing the tender hot skin of a tense, intense stomach, thighs, testicles and phallus; forcing his young lover to tremble and burn from caresses.
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