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she was very close to orgasm, the desire to cum overwhelmed her.
With one precise movement, he thrust a dangerous object in the forehead, right up to the handle.
This happened at the moment when Nadia had finished.

She remembered this feeling forever.
A breathless body collapsed in convulsions on an abandoned grave.
She died.
Yura leaned on top and used a heavy duty cutting tool – pincers.
Piece after piece flew out of the bushes.
He tore the meat, broke bones, smeared his penis into blood.
He wanted to splash sperm, but did not work.
– What to do? – he thought out loud.
Yura knew that something new was needed to get an orgasm.
And he came up with.
Tearing the victim’s intestines and gutting him, Yura began to pull him onto his penis. Webcam com. Teen tgirl webcam.