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Gena stopped at the door, and I went to my farthest table by the usual route, busily greeting each of my future fuckers.
If earlier only one traditionally at a meeting I kissed my hand, then this time only one did not try to do it.
It was very nice so polite treatment.

Vladimir hugged me all and handed the package.
I put down my purse and went back, assuming that I would change clothes in the toilet, but they put a stool on me and requested a striptease.
Well, there may be a striptease – one-two-three I’m naked.
So, standing naked and continuing to rock my hips with my hips, I open the bag and I understand that as I stand naked, I will judge naked and will be wearing these clothes.
This time the miniskirt was made of the finest silk from an almost transparent material.
Of course, the skirt is shorter than yesterday.
Blouse – absolutely transparent was under my size, very fitted and with a huge neckline to the navel.
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