Hidden camera families sex. “Let’s wipe the handles,” I said gently to the child lying on my back, “Now the neck.”
Breast, tummy.
Their hallway heard the click of a door lock – only Vitina’s mother could unlock the apartment door.
Half a minute later Marina really came into the nursery.

– Hello, Olya, – she smiled.
“Hello, Marina,” I replied, and, lifting Vite’s legs, I began to wipe the boy’s ass.
Marina came to the table and began to watch with a smile as I was wiping her seven-year-old son with a towel.
– Dima too? – Tanya asked.
– To him, as always, a special approach is needed, – smiled Sveta, – Therefore, it stands without panties.
I told him that I would be nasty until I went to the pot.
“It seems to me that Dima is much better in one T-shirt,” Olya smiled.
– Aha, the most suitable form of clothing for our chamber, – Tanya laughed, – No one will ask how he came to us.
Because he, standing with a bare ass, is not much different from toddlers.
– Indeed, as the nursery, – Nastya giggled, – Such a pretty little tot.

I just can’t stop looking at him.
“At the nursery age, children usually go to the pot themselves,” Katya remarked. “And Dima has some problems with the pot.”
So I wouldn’t compare him to nurseries.
Only with pectoral.
– Yes? – Sveta laughed, – Can she still be engaged in gymnastics for babies? Who am I doing this now? Sveta nodded at Artemka lying in front of her.
“By the way, a good idea,” Tanya smiled.
– Are you serious? – Marina looked surprised.
– And what, – Tanya smiled, – At least some kind of physical education.
He doesn’t do exercises in our hospital.
And at home, judging by his plump belly, too.
“This is true,” Sveta nodded, looking me up from head to toe, appraisingly, “She is definitely not friends with sports.”
Tanya took me by the hand and led me to the extreme changing table.
– Let’s remove the T-shirt, – the nurse smiled, not without difficulty lifting me to the table, – And now lie down on the back.

Seeing that everyone crowded around the table, I blushed deeply.
Taking my palms in her hand, Tanya began to raise and lower my hands.
I barely restrained myself, so as not to cry for bitter resentment, that the nurses were treating me again like a baby.
– What are you saying? – Tanya asked me, – Do not like our gymnastics? – All children usually smile, – Sveta grinned, – Look, Artyom is pleased.
– Raise the handles in the top, – began to gently sentence Tanya, – and drop it down.
And now to the side.
Well, ready for the next exercise? Let’s swim on your back.
So, slowly.
How we swim well.
I thought that I had to ask for a big pot, but the shame turned out to be stronger and I decided to wait a few more minutes, hoping that Tanya was just about to finish doing gymnastics with me.
“Now let’s get down to our feet,” announced Tanya, “That’s how we raise and lower.”
First straight.
And now bent at the knees.

Tanya strongly lifted my legs, knees pressed to his chest.
Having strained with all my strength to overcome the torturous call of a big man, I thought that if she did not let go of my legs, I would definitely lay a bunch – right here on the table.
Fortunately, in the next moment, Tanya lowered my legs.
“And now once more,” the nurse smiled, holding her legs again, “Let us hurt even more, let’s try to reach out with our knees to the chin.”
Getting my chin up with my knees was just the last straw, and I could not stand it and began to cackle loudly.
– you what? – broke out from Tanya.
– I smelled a very suspicious one, – smiled, bending over Artyomka Sveta.
– farted ?! – indignantly turned to Sveta Tanya, – Look, what he laid a bunch! – Wow! – Nastya laughed.
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