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Paid well.
I had everything I dreamed of as a child – a cottage in an elite village, a fancy BMW of five, a bright yellow Ducati and other adult toys.
Could afford to go on vacation to one of the world-class resorts.

Provided that this holiday I ever appear.
“Well, what for her, such a job,” I thought, leaning back in my chair, “I wish I could go back to my childhood.
Even in what I had: poor, detdomovskoe.
The main thing is no responsibility, no commitment. “A new window unexpectedly opened on the computer screen.
“What kind of glitches? – I was surprised, – Probably some kind of virus.
Where is our automation department looking? “Meanwhile, letters began to appear quickly on a white background.
The reading made me a little shock.
“So I wanted to go to childhood?” Was on the screen, “I can help.” “I wonder what kind of m.
Crank it prints? “- I thought.
“What do you call names?” Appeared on the screen.

“By the way, I didn’t officially introduce myself.
You can call me a fairy “” It looks like it worked, “I sighed to myself,” Or I drank some coffee.
Glitches some “I clicked the mouse to close the window, but it appeared the same on the screen in the same place.
“Thought of getting rid of me?” A new line was visible on a white background, “It’s not a virus at all.
Fairy me, fairy.
“And what do you want from me?” – I thought.
“What do I want?” Appeared on the screen, “Help you.” I reached for the keyboard to type the answer, but letters began to appear on the screen again.
“Don’t print anything.
Have you still not understood that I can read your thoughts? “I stared at the screen numbly.
“Devilry some.
Or a very tricky joke.
The intrigues of the special services.
“I had a mess in my head.
“So do you want to go back to childhood or not?” Appeared on the screen, “Come on, decide faster.
When will you have such a chance? “Suppose you would not refuse,” I thought.
“You are such a cautious people, managers, – a new line has appeared, – Yes or no?” – Yes! – I said irritably – this time out loud, – Who does not want to return to childhood.

The mysterious “fairy” began to get me.
And so time is running out and a mountain of work.
And then some idle talk on the network with an unknown hacker.
“Noticed,” appeared on the screen. “Come on, throw your presentation and go home.
Starting tomorrow, you will not have to worry about meetings and presentations. “This was the first practical advice for all my communication with the” fairy. ”
To continue working in my state was useless.
I decided to come to the office tomorrow early and with a fresh mind to sketch at least the beginning of the presentation.
Then of course you have to improvise.
How can I get out – not the first time.
I reached for the mouse to close the mysterious window, but the text began to appear again.
“I completely forgot,” I read. “Don’t tell anyone about our conversation.
Well, when you become a child, you simply can not tell anyone about your situation.
🙂 I’ll take care of this. “I closed the window – this time finally.
“To whom will I tell this nonsense? – I smiled, turning off the computer, – to the psychiatrist in the district clinic?” It would be possible for a joke to tell a friend, if we had not quarreled with her last week.

I went down to the underground garage and got into the car.
All my way home, my thoughts were spinning around the mysterious “fairy”.
Having finally reached the house, I quickly ate dinner in the refrigerator and immediately fell asleep.
I was so tired that in less than a couple of minutes I was cut off.
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