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Although Camilla was older than Elena, but because of her excellent well-groomed figure, she looked only a couple of years older.
Two women kissed.
Elena looked at Camilla’s belly, on which Nick’s painting flaunted, smiled, and stroked it.

Camilla ran her fingernails through Elena’s still clean tummy, and said softly: “You will soon have one too.”

Then Camilla put Elena on the bed, she lay down on top so that the pussy of one woman was just before the mouth of the other, and began to caress the charms of her new girlfriend.
Elena gasped, and quickly earned her tongue over Camilla’s pussy.
Nick could not stand it, and plunged into his partner’s juicy wet pussy.
Mark all of a sudden suddenly pulled Elena to himself, and gave her a strong slap in the face.
Elena knelt down, and Mark’s cock began to disappear in her mouth.
Mark, grabbing the girl’s hair, began to control the movements of her head.
Then Mark literally threw her on the bed, took the belt and slapped hard on the white round ass, on which a red stripe immediately appeared.

Elena screamed in pain, but immediately raised her ass and twisted.
Another blow, a cry, the second band crossed those seductive buttocks.
Mark slapped the girl, she screamed in pain, but each time she substituted the ass again for another blow.
Then he became the same strap her hands behind her back.
Her hands were too tight, the girl had tears in her eyes, but Mark was clearly not in the slightest detail.
Putting Elena on his knees, he abruptly entered her from behind, grabbed her beautiful long hair, and pulled hard on herself, causing her head to be thrown back.
Mark put Elena on his penis, driving her body with hair, and from time to time he spanked hard with his hand, then with a leash.
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