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This went on several times.
Looks like she loved when my dick enters her.
I took her hips with my hands and began to stick it on myself.

She moaned and jumped on me.
Beautiful rider.
Her chest swayed and beckoned.
I grabbed her hands and began to gently knead her.
Mother’s breast is very elastic, like a young girl.
I have already said that my mother Natasha is very beautiful and does not look like her age.
We caught a rhythm and our bodies merged into ecstasy.
She jumped on my dick like a wild Amazon.
I began to squeeze Mommy’s chest stronger.
– Yes, yes, son.
even stronger.
slap my ass.
come on, my dear.
I slapped her on the left buttock so that there was a sharp cotton, but from this my mother started jumping on me even harder.
She seemed to want me to enter her pussy with the eggs.
– Fuck me, Vanya.
come on
fuck your mommy like the last whore – before that I had never heard obscene words from my mother.
I made a sharp movement and turned my mother on my back, but so that my dick did not come out of her pussy.

She squealed with pleasure.
I continued to have him in the missionary position.
My dick, like a stone, entered her womb.
I pecked her so that she finished again and again.
Her pussy was all wet.
I looked at her chest – she swayed in time with my movements.
My Natasha podmahivala my ass and spanked on my balls with her pussy.
Her vagina was elastic and narrow, as if mommy never gave birth.
I moved in it and from each movement we received indescribable pleasure.
– You’re just super, Mom – I said, pulling it once again on my dick.
– Yes, my good, yes, do not stop.
– Mom, I want you from behind.
I want to fuck your ass.
– I said.
– Go to mommy, Vanya – my mother wrapped her legs around me and pulled my lips to hers.
We started kissing.
Her kisses were so sweet.
She played her tongue in my mouth.
We continued to love each other.
– I have an idea, Vanya – said mother.
– I reached out to the bedside table, which stood next to the sofa, opened the drawer and took out a vibrator from there.

Frankly, he was great.
Probably 20 centimeters in length and in diameter of a centimeter 4.
– I want you to fuck me in two holes, son.
– Mom got up, took a vibrator and began to lick it.
The second hand, she jerked my dick.
The vibrator was big and her mouth was completely occupied by him.
she moved him several times as if she was playing with my dick.
– Mom wants to be punished, son.
– She knelt down and started to make me a terrific blowjob.
I was in seventh heaven.
She swallowed my cock, worked the tongue so skillfully that my knees began to bend down.
With her left hand, she began to stroke her pussy.
Moistening her fingers in her lubricant, she began to massage her anus.
With light movements, she began to wade inside, developing her hole.
First she inserted one finger, then the second.
However, she did not let my cock out of her mouth.
It made me no joke.
I took her by the shoulders, put mommy with cancer on the couch, pushing her buttocks apart, I entered her ass.

Natasha groaned and began to stick her ass on my dick.
Hole elastic and narrow gave me indescribable pleasure.
Mummy took a vibrator and inserted it into her pussy, groaning with pleasure so that, I think, all the neighbors heard us.
I had Mum in the ass, and she fucked her pussy with a huge vibrator.
Our movements merged in the same rhythm.
Mom finished and finished.
On the inside of her hips flowed juice.
I felt that I was already close to my orgasm, but Mom didn’t let me relax: she shook her ass so much that I wanted to fuck her again and again.
– Sonny, stick your dick by the balls.
fuck me
what are you delicious, my Vanechka.
– Mummy, you’re lovely.
I will finish soon – I said and wanted to get my dick out of her ass.
– No, no, no – she held me – go on, my good, do not stop.
Cum in my ass.
– Mom, I’m sorry, but you’re my slut and I want it every day.
– Everything will be like in those films – I know that you are watching porn without me, Vanya.
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