Webcam adult sex live. Waiting for you sex web. I could barely adapt, folding my lips with a straw so that one direction would give me the least discomfort.
“And you were right,” said the scumbag.
– Sucks pidorok perfectly.
By the creak of the sofa, I realized that someone else was attached to me from behind.

The next second, I felt hands on my ass.
The hem of the dress shot up, exposing my pretty buttocks.
“The ass is like a chick,” I heard Rustam’s voice.
Then came a tangible slap, from which I accidentally swayed and brushed teeth at the member of the abuser.
– Fuck! – He cried, pulling my head by the hair.
“Bitch! Throwing me to the floor, Oleg, with all the dope, kicked me in the stomach.
With a cry, I rolled onto my back.
The dress whipped up, exposing my legs and panties.
– Bloody! The bastard swore.
– I warned you! But nothing – you do not want in a good way, it will be in a bad way.
Hold it guys.
Rustam readily jumped up to me, and, kneeling down, nailed my hands to the floor.
Oleg smiled wickedly, grabbing my hips painfully, spread my legs apart.
– It is a pity that it would not chick.

He drawled.
– And then we have three holes.
right away
and so Bulat will have to stand in line.
Running his hands over my legs, from the knees to the waist, the guy took hold of the elastic of the panties and pulled hard.
The fabric was torn with a mournful crunch, exposing my completely shaved pubis.
Oleg for some time, wincing in disgust, looked at my segment, and then threw my legs on his shoulders, put his head on his butt and pressed hard.
The pain was such as if I was torn in half.
Well, before that scum raped me in the mouth, and the member was still in my saliva.
Otherwise, it would have ripped me apart.
I screamed hysterically.
But it did not stop the scumbag.
Sharply, roughly, he began to fuck my hole.
I screamed, and ulbudok, skalas, fucked my ass.
And, apparently, he enjoyed it, unlike me.
– I started to shout, – Oleg snarled.
– Rustik, shut him up.
The second rapist gladly fulfilled the request.
Not removing the legs from my arms, he unbuttoned his pants, throwing out the standing dick, and put it in my mouth.

Having learned from bitter experience, I hid my teeth behind the lips, so God forbid, do not pin it.
Now they fucked me together.
One – in the ass, the second – in the mouth.
The pain in the anus gradually subsided, giving way.
not pleasure, no, but to some dull feeling of fullness inside.
A member in his mouth, too, did not give absolutely no pleasure.
The first finished Oleg.
He twitched unnaturally, his body tightened at the same time, and shot me with sperm.
Rustam didn’t wait long either.
Pulling a member out of my mouth, he jerked several times, and the seed shot right on the dress and on.
A few drops rushed to Oleg, but he, abruptly pulling a member from the ass, causing me a new discharge of pain, managed to dodge.
“Ugh, I didn’t give me a bit of my konch,” said the bespredelsch.
– Bulat, your turn.
– Yes, I somehow do not know.
– hesitated my classmate.
– What don’t you know? – surprised git.
– You do not want to fuck? Or maybe you want us to pull you too?

So we are in a flash! Bulat, reluctantly, approached me and took off his pants.
Contrary to hopes, his member was already on alert.
Kneeling down, he threw both my legs over one shoulder, and pushed his stick into me.
The hole drenched by the previous rapist, abundantly lubricated with his sperm, was entered like a dick.
From that Bulat, from that nice guy who took me with such force and tenderness less than a day ago, there was not a trace left.
He fucked me with some animal cruelty, probably wanting more to satisfy his friends than me.
Rustam, who was still sitting on my hands, pulled the strap of the dress, exposing my breasts.
My neat, girlish breasts, which I so diligently raised, and of which I was so proud.
With an enthusiastic cry, he squeezed them painfully with both hands.
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