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When the girl finally calmed down, she gently freed herself, leaned over her face, kissed her lips and said:
– You’re a normal guy.
Well, that came.

Vera and I have known each other for about two months.
I once drove a car, she raised her hand.
Stopped, drove from the store to the house.
Talked, then yes.
I gave her my phone, just in case where to take it.
He stopped at the entrance and talked for another five minutes.
Two weeks later she called, it was necessary to buy a tank in the store to buy.
Let’s go, bought, brought.
She poured me some tea.
Has changed clothes in a dressing gown, goes here and there.
Well, I threw her on the bed.
She did not shout, did not mind.
Pants with her pulled, he quickly undressed himself and fucked two times in a row.
She liked it.
Then they began to meet regularly, do not live together, so happy.
You also hoped to have sex? I think she will not mind.

You just need to tell her more softly.
She will give.
Bind, I’ll tell her.
Itself is unlikely to be solved, but also wants with you, apparently.
She told about you.
He says that you have more of mine and stronger.
All pushed through.
Today, we have already had two sex with her, in the morning and in the afternoon.
So you go first.
And I’ll see, and I’m sure to get up too.
Both will give.
It is necessary for a woman to do something nice.
“You say that everything is settled.”
And now she is going to sleep and everything, bummer.
– Hardly.
I suppose I’m thinking about you, washing pussy for you.
– We’ll see.
We drank a glass, seized candy.
Vera came out of the bathroom.
In a dressing gown.
– Well, what, sleep? she asked.
– Or watch TV? I noticed that she did not look at us.
– Let’s go to bed, – said Oleg.
Extinguished the light.
They lay down, she is on the edge, he is against the wall.
I turned off the blanket and lay down too.

The room was quite light, not too late yet.
They whispered.
And after five minutes, he began to climb over it.
He said to me: – Go, I lie down on the couch.
She moved to the wall.
I lay down next.
My heart beat faster.
Found her lips and began to kiss.
He hugged, hugged and felt chest, ass, hips.
She responded to kisses and the plant itself.
Her hands wandered around me.
I pulled off her nightie, took off his panties.
He kissed his neck, boobs, stomach, fingers in his pussy.
Lapal, pushing the labia.
We were both ready to fuck, but I overcame myself and went down to lick my pussy.
She let out a long breath and pulled her legs apart.
I felt the familiar taste and smell of pussy.
Licked long and with feeling.
She fidgeted, pushed me away, began to stroke her crotch with her fingers, to bend and finish breathing intermittently.
I just waited, lay down on her and began to fuck.
Dick enter it softly, juicy.
She podmahivala.

The bed creaked.
And this creak inflamed even more.
I kissed her, felt her tits, hugged, and dick gently squeezed her cunt.
Fucked short, about two minutes.
Finished according to all the rules inside her, and the sperm poured for a long time.
Lay down next to her, stunned by the orgasm.
Oleg turned the bra on, approached us and began to kiss and feel her.
She asked for a bathroom, he did not give.
He took off his pants and lay on it.
Seeing it very close was unusual.
They twisted a little, and he put in her.
I thought that if he didn’t have a fat dick, he would now slide without encountering any resistance.
How will he finish? But he settled down, she threw her legs over his shoulders, and began to fuck.
Long, quick.
She relaxed, moved under him with her eyes closed.
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