How can i view my webcam. Granny webcam online. The crowd exulted at the sight of them.
The pomp of the dress, the richness of the procession overshadowed the detached look of the princess, and if anyone noticed the deep longing and emptiness in her frozen eyes, then he wrote it off to the usual wedding excitement.
Moreover, King Dorian, holding her hand, simply beamed with happiness, scattering smiles to his subjects, proud of her and putting on display like a regular thoroughbred mare.
Eleana could hardly concentrate on what was happening, she was in a saving mist of insensitivity, through which scraps of what was happening around her only occasionally reached her: behold, a little peasant girl threw a huge bouquet of wildflowers under her feet; behold, the king picks her up in his arms and, under the approving roar of the crowd, brings her to the temple; Here, an ancient priest, wears a wedding bracelet on her thin wrist, connected by a thin golden chain with another bracelet on the king’s hand; Here, Dorian, seriously looking into her frightened eyes, lowered a heavy golden hoop on her head – that’s all, she is now a queen.

she is now his wife.
On the way back to the castle, the bride and groom, as is customary, are mounted on horseback.
Dorian is fed a huge, pitch-black stallion.
He gently lifts Eleana into the saddle and he easily jumps behind her, holding her hips tightly to him.
The horse steps under them, it is felt that he was not used to this, he wants to run a gallop, and only the hard hand of the rider keeps him agitated.
One hand of the king tightly grips the reins, and the other he also firmly holds his young wife.
Through the thin fabric of the dress, the girl feels the heat of his skin on the ribs, the hardness of his penis clinging to her ass – a long shiver runs through her body.
She is defenseless before him, she rightfully belongs to him, and it remains only to rely on his generosity.
The wedding feast, which began at lunch, continues until the evening.
The troubadours tear the pharynx, singing love ballads in honor of the beautiful young queen, the circus performers produce the most complicated stunts, entertaining the guests.

Eleana is too tired of anxiety and foreboding and sits silently, barely touching the dishes, alternating one after another.
The golden chain on her arm now and then stretches from the movements of her husband, recalling the imminent hour of marital duty.
The king as if does not notice her condition – he is loud and cheerful, juggling with the guests, encourages the magicians.
His gaze stops at the blond lady Yvonne, who is sitting downcast, next to the grim spouse to whom he returned today, granted the rank of commander-in-chief of border armies – a high position, but leaving no doubt as to how she was deserved: and continue to enjoy the location of his dear little wife, without suffering from jealous looks, gnashing her teeth, her husband.
Memories of the past night again filled him with triumph and joy – the sorcerer did not lie, the ring and the truth acted flawlessly.
Ah, how hot this impatience was in bed, how eagerly she sucked his cock, licking it, as she waved him, as she screamed again and again with delight when he sank into it, begging for more.

She was not enough.
It seemed to him that he would call his black slave now, and they would split it together, like some army whore, having both holes at the same time, she would not have said a word against it.
Feeling that the blood surges to his loins from these savory thoughts, the king grinned – he will still have time to realize his fantasies with the beautiful Lady Yvonne.
Today, he is faced with a much more important action – the seduction of his young beautiful wife, whom he had long dreamed of.
Who knows, maybe she will thaw out under the power of the magic of the ring, and someday agree to take part in one of his little fantasies? With a fleeting vision of naked Yvonne and Eleana in the same bed with him, Dorian quietly groaned, sharply pulling Eleana out of her voluntary waking dream.
The king calmly, with a tender, studying smile of the owner, looked at his newlywed – she was pale, but she even walked, but her lips stood out on the face with a bright red rose, and her eyes, with shadows from lack of sleep and excitement, seemed only more.

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