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– Ouch, it hurts! I will no longer! – shouted Sveta after each blow.
These cries aroused Mishka even more.
He flogged, enjoying every second, listening with pleasure to the cries of the girl, and admiring her.

Sveta still shuddered, and her breasts jumped up and down.
When he finally came to his senses, the girls’ buttocks and thighs were cherry, and the genital slit began to shine.
– Get down here! – He ordered, pointing to the sunbed.
Slowly, wincing in pain, the girl straightened her back, and with clumsy steps she went to the lounger.
Her face turned completely red, and she seemed to be holding back tears with difficulty.
Noting that it looks very exciting, Mishka relished every moment of the spectacle.
Sveta lay down, immediately taking the position in which her friend had just been lying on her left side.
The bear took a mug prepared in advance, hung it up, began to lubricate the tip, and then – Sveta’s anus.
In response to his every move, the girl gasped and shuddered.
The skin between the buttocks contrasted sharply with everything else; It seemed to Mishka that everything excites him, accompanying the process.
He introduced the tip and let the solution.
Light began to move her hips, alternately attracting and withdrawing them from herself, but did not complain.
When the contents of the mug completely flowed into her intestines, Mishka closed the faucet slowly and pulled out the tip, but a surprise was waiting for him: the girl loudly gasped and a strong stream of water splashed out of her ass. Hot boobs on cam. Korean webcam hot girl.