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“My legs were wider, I said, relax your anus, here: well done,” she said loudly, that I already ran a chill down my back: The guy barked and quietly moaned, and I felt very sorry for him: Then the nurse came to me with a large tray hands covered with a napkin, pushing back the curtain and forgetting to cover it behind him.
Also loudly put me in the “cancer” position, putting me on the couch with my chest and spreading my legs apart.
I felt that someone was walking past my booth and perfectly sees me in such a depraved posture: I asked the nurse to cover the curtain, but she said that she had already worn clean gloves and was not going to dirty them about the curtain, especially since my ass did not needed: I wanted to cry, but it was too early to cry, the most terrible thing began afterwards: She took the first analysis with a thin wand, scraping the surface of my open anus.

The second analysis she took with a long iron stick twisted at the end, the stick was 10-15 cm in length and she completely inserted it into my ass, moving it in different directions, she took it out of me and inserted it into a glass test tube: The third analysis was the most terrible she took a syringe-like instrument, only larger and, instead of a needle, had a nozzle two fingers thick.
At that moment, I heard another nurse calling three more patients: They entered and the nurse began to list their names and booth numbers: All were men, I knew that they perfectly saw all my delights between my legs: t. Webcams girl rus. Panties girls webcams.