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Viktorovich, stood near the table, his back to the door and vigorously moved the middle part of his large body.
And on either side of him, long slender legs were stretched out, in white stockings and black shoes with a huge heel.
He was actively processing Sveta, her secretary, and she was making muffled moans, in time with the movements of her superior.

I greatly respected Viktorovich for honesty, professionalism, dedication to the company and the same as mine myself, an irrepressible desire for sex.
Which, oddly enough, over the years has only become more.
Plus, he shared my passion for “rocking” and aikido.
We trained together.
I closed the door behind me and waited for the action to end.
Fortunately, he was not shy, and when he saw me, he nodded, continuing to “hammer” his secretary.
On which of the clothes, there were only stockings and shoes.
When he “fulfilled the duty of the boss,” and Seth was putting on her panties on her sperm-dying pussy, I told him the essence of the matter.

What I need is a house, moreover, as soon as possible, without unnecessary delays, but the most that is of good quality.
For myself.
He listened carefully, after which he outlined the approximate period.
Having decided the case, we asked Sveta to bring coffee, talked about different things, agreed on the next trip to the gym.
And Viktorovich, once again made a joke that it was hard for me to live, without a secretary-sperm receiver, to which I also answered with some kind of joke.
We initially met in the hall on that day, however, Viktorovich had to have a brother, and he had to meet.
On the evening of that day, since the trip to the “rocking chair” was covered, I decided to go to a friend in the country in the suburbs and go to the bathhouse with Eli.
The good of a friend in the city was not, he went to some sanatorium with a new secretary, and I had the keys.
Sister went home for bath accessories.
A little later, I drove for her.
In the bath, it was great.

Ale, as usual, was given to me without a trace.
I drowned the bath, and after undressing, I sat in the dressing room watching my companion get rid of clothes.
She did not hesitate to be naked in front of me for a long time, and, undressing, looking at my risen member, said: I am ready, let’s go.
After that, she smiled very gently at me, looking into her eyes.
I was again covered by a giant wave of a mixture of lust, passion and insatiable desire to possess it every second.
The sister in front of me, completely naked, slightly bending her head to the side, her hands on her hips, and slightly bending one beautiful slender leg in her knee, just drove me crazy like no other girl had ever before.
And she, was available to me at any time.
I got up from the chair, hugged her waist and we headed to the steam room.
It was quite hot there, although I did not raise the temperature to “my” value, because El in such a heat would not be the most active lover.

But nevertheless, we both quickly sweated.
The sight of my sister’s shiny body, her flushed cheeks and wet hair, aroused me greatly.
I pressed her against the wall and began to caress her breasts.
Elya put her arms around my neck and began to gently kiss me on the lips.
I gave her a kiss and launched my hand into a triangle of black curls that covered my sister’s juicy pussy.
Pretty soon, she was already running out of grease.
I took care of her a little more, and then laid her back on the “shelves”, she, realizing what was required of her, spread her legs wide, bending them at the knees.
I no longer began to delay the pleasure, moreover, from my very member I had long been “steaming”, put the head to its crack and entered slowly.
First, about a third of the length, then half, and the third movement completely, until it stops.
I crushed my hands and caressed her delicious breasts, or helped myself to push my sister’s pussy on my dick, holding her hips wherever she had recently rested her hands.

Elya moaned sweetly, and I enjoyed every millimeter of her vagina.
The bosom of my sister tightly wrapped my cock and gave great pleasure.
I do not know how long the act lasted, but it seemed to me that long.
And so, when I caressed Ali’s cheek with my fingers, she slightly turned her head and began to suck on my fingers, covering her eyes.
I entered her pussy to the base of a member and began to release sperm inside the sister.
After that, having recovered a little, he extracted a large amount of steam from the “heater”.
Well “steamed” Elka with a fragrant birch besom, at first she lay on her stomach, and then on her back.
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