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Charter to wade through the bushes, Rachel decided that no one would see her shame anyway, knelt down, and on all fours, belching curses, crawled to the cursed dog.
When the Prince was something about a meter, she jumped at him, grabbed his collar and began to slap him in the face.
The dog tried to slip away somewhere, but Rachel firmly clung to her dog.

As a result, he had to recognize her weight superiority and to release slips from the mouth.
Having a moral victory over the adversary, Rachel felt much better.
She knelt, recovering her breath.
Despite the fact that the thing was hopelessly corrupted, the dog probably will think about the consequences next time.
Catching her breath, she looked around.
It was about one in the morning.
Rachel was not afraid to jump naked on the street.
They rented this house to Natalie via the Internet, while Natalie’s husband settles things in Portland.

For a very reasonable fee, the guest guaranteed privacy and absolute security.
Twenty minutes walk from the house was a beautiful lake, and a couple of hours away – the ocean.
She loved the ocean as probably the daughter loves her father.
For it, there were fifty million oceans and there were no two identical.
Every time he met her screaming gulls, in her eyes, she carried away a piece of his vast expanse.
Rachel shook her head, driving away the memories of the salty wind.
In any case, a seasoned dog could protect it from any danger.
She stroked the dog’s neck, and at that moment, as if responding to her fears, in the darkness of the night, it seemed to her, she heard the crunch of a broken branch.
“Maybe it was Natalie?” She suggested.
However, intuition suggested that a friend would first call her, and not sneak up to her in total darkness.
Rachel stood up peering in the dark in the direction of the sound.

“Damn!” She thought she saw someone’s shadow.
She immediately crouched back into the bush.
“What to do?!”.
She examined herself.
White T-shirt literally glowed in the night mist.
Perhaps it would be better to remove it? “Aha! And jump out with a bare ass on the enemy! “- She smiled, -” Oh, no! “.
Rachel looked at the panties rescued from the dog’s mouth.
They looked like nothing, not very holey, but the very idea that she would have to put on slouchy dog ??sleeves on her genitals killed her completely.
Another thought was no less lethal: “Damn dog specifically, it all set up!”.
There was another, not devoid of common sense idea, to leave everything as it is and just sit out in the bushes, later chiding for their plight.
However, this idea Rachel did not even consider.
She heard the door being opened squeak on the veranda.
Convulsively picking up the abandoned slips, she brushed them off and examined them.

They were dirty, yes.
On the dog’s spit, dirt quickly adhered, and an attempt to brush it, led to the fact that she only rubbed this dirt on the crotch.
“Damn!” Rachelle swore in despair.

However, she had no choice.
She lay on the damp ground with her back and bent her knees.
With a feeling of some disgust, she pierced her leg in one half of her panties, then in the other.
It remains the most difficult: pull them over.
She raised her ass up and overcoming disgust pulled them over.
When the line of panties began to approach her intimate hairstyle, she began to pronounce: “Closer, closer, closer, still a little bit, a little more.
Frankly, I wanted to immediately take off my dirty laundry and throw it away.
She very vividly imagined thousands of bugs that live in this mud, and just waiting for the moment to get into someone’s vagina, and lay eggs there.
Brrr! When the panties hung on the thighs, and there was an inch and a half to “full contact”, Rachel’s exhausted.

And at this moment, the Prince rushed forward to her panties and buried his nose in them, having hit his lips with perceptible force! Rachel almost cried, the dog just hated her! The Prince himself, seeing her reaction, whimpered plaintively.
It is not known how long it all lasted, but at that moment a shot slammed in the house.
The prince instantly rushed forward, followed by Rachel.
Throwing on some kind of dressing gown found on the veranda, she immediately followed the dog and stormed into the living room.
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