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Oksana invited me home to warm up, as she lived alone, I agreed, knowing full well that I wouldn’t have to bow to my parents, as was the case with my other girls.
As such, I didn’t experience a lack of sex, and there wasn’t any particular need at work that you get tired like the last dog, and you want to come home and lie down on the sofa, and watch the TV go to sleep with one eye.
We didn’t have time to get to the house, we fell under the pouring rain, soaking wet we ran into the porch, then we went up to her two-room apartment.

Oksanka quickly ran to change clothes, but I took off the soaked jacket, went to the bathroom where I found a towel, wiped my head, and combed my hair, my jeans and shirt were wet through, I took off my shirt, and I hung out to the battery and called Oksanka: – You don’t have any pants male?

Not! – I heard the answer from the room.
A pity, – I muttered and, not thinking a lot, shook a towel and left the bath.
I sat in the room on the sofa and turned on the TV, being not in the best mood, I switched channels at intervals of a second, Oksana soon appeared, she just changed into pink pajamas, although she was far from being the first beauty, but a third size breast, I I didn’t keep my eyes on it for a long time and returned to the TV, the soft carpet pleasantly warmed the legs that were frozen, and the sofa relaxed my muscles, I yawned deeply and looked at her again, she stood as if in indecision, I gave her a look to let her speak.
Want some wine? She asked.
Carry on, – agreed smiling.
Oksanka happily ran into the kitchen and brought a bottle of red wine, and two glasses.
Having opened the wine, I poured it in my glasses with a little sip, I suppressed a desire to frown, this wine was a real surrogate.

Maybe play cards? – Oksana suggested.
Oksan, you know it’s better not to play with me, – I answered with a smile.
It’s really better not to play cards with me, my grandfather and I taught me to play, and thanks to him I can be said to be a good sharper.
Let’s try it – she got the deck and began to interfere.
Come on, – agreed to put a half-empty glass on the table.
– What are we playing? In the fool, – Oksana smiled.
And for what? – taking cards, I asked.
Come on desire, – Oksana was a little embarrassed.
I grinned and nodded in agreement.
I decided to play honestly, and I did not even consider the girl to be a strong opponent, so I lost the first con, and with an annoyed chuckle, asked: What is your desire? Undress to the goal, – smiling, asked Oksana.
I was a little taken aback, but the desire was fulfilled, my cock stood like a stake, Oksana looked at him predatoryly and asked: Will we continue?

Of course, I have to win.
Now I was playing at full strength, carefully and counting the moves, from the focus of my member faded slightly, I managed to notice regret about this, on the girl’s face, and with a slightly malicious smile, continued the game.
I soon won.
Your desire? – Oksana asked.
The same as yours – grinning maliciously, I said.
Oksana, having paused for a while, quickly undressed, I looked at her plump body, large breasts, neatly shaved pubis.
My dick has again become upright.
The wine was coming to an end.
I have another beer, – said Oksana.
Carry, – I smiled, in my head suddenly flashed a cunning plan, how to slightly recoup her for my shameful loss.
When she brought a pack of beer, she sat down again and handed over the cards, it was obvious that she was excited to the limit and wanted to be attacked and raped, severely and severely, but she herself asked for card games.

I deliberately pulled the time of the horse, so that Oksanka would drink more beer.
Naturally I won this con.
A girl puffed out her lips and began to collect a deck and asked: What desire? I smiled slyly and said: You will not go to the toilet for two hours.
What? – the girl’s eyes widened with surprise, such a desire.
– Strange desire.
It will bear fruit, believe me – during the game I seriously decided to tear it off in full, but so that she begged me about everything.
Oksanka nodded yet, giving her consent and squinting at the cans of beer, uncorked another one.
I followed her example, the next con, I allowed her to win, the girl cheered up and said: Since you have made such a wish, you also kindly do exactly the same.
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