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Lena could not make any other sounds with a member in her mouth: she squeezed the second member in her palm: Now the young wife could no longer calmly kneel.
She impatiently moved her hips, like a male member: But, finally, she could not stand it.
– Boys, enter me! Kirill, Acne! Come on! Rather! Do it hard and fast.

– I’ll finish now.
– I, too – Cyril fell in behind and forcefully drove a member into his wife.
Lena screamed and buried her nose in Vitaly’s testicles.
– Come on – the girl’s voice was weak and hoarse.
– Come on! Fuck me Cyril got up comfortably and began to introduce the member into Elena with measured movements.
At first, carefully, and then more and more, trying to penetrate into it as deeply as possible.

At first, he grabbed the girl by the waist, noting his every push with a resounding slap of the legs about his wife’s ass, but this was not enough for the young man.
Cyril spread the buttocks of the spouse as wide as possible, exposing the swarthy hole of the anus.
Cyril led his drin to the sphincter: Charge! And the member slid inside: the girl closed her eyes and groaned.
Cyril pushed and pushed his penis into the spouse’s body, gradually feeling that the waves of orgasm were getting closer and closer.
He tried to make the last movements the strongest, and already feeling the rushing stream of sperm, Cyril slipped his hand under his pubis and as much as he could pressed against her thighs.
The girl’s body convulsively twitched, as if she was trying to free herself from his arms, but Kirill held on tight.

A convulsion shook him from head to toe: And at that moment Vitaly jumped to Cyril and almost pushed him away from Lenochka’s body :.
Emaciated, Cyril, reeling rose to his feet: – Come on, – Cyril was cheering on a friend, – come on, Vital! Ebi this bitch! Ebi her! Helen having heard these words from the mouth of her husband, howled! She adored mate! A member of the second man slid easily into her moist vagina: “How do you like this whore?” Do you like her? – Cyril literally loomed over Vitali: – Yes: This is a fucking woman! What pussy! – Boys, I love you! – Lena moaned, Vitaly admiringly looked at the woman standing on all fours in front of him.
– I love to fuck Lenka!
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