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She began to cum loudly, expelling a brown liquid pumped inward shortly before.
At the same time, Ira screamed, and Masha collected the hand that flowed out of Irina’s ass and spread it all over her labia.
Only in order to then lick.

In the meantime, she licked, Ira collected shit from the sheets and smeared it on his breasts.
Then Ira lay on her back, and Masha sat down over her face.
Ira stuck her finger inside the anus girlfriend, and from there poured shit.
It fell right into Ira’s mouth, and she swallowed him, smearing the remains on his face.
At the same time Masha masturbated, rubbing her sex lips at a mad pace.
She finished and shit.
From excitement she fell forward, and the remnants of shit dumped Ira on the chest.
She stroked them and licked her shit-covered fingers.
And Masha clung to Ira’s vagina again.
But after all this, they still have a little more of the mass obtained from urine and poop.
And then Masha suggested washing this head with this mass.

She stood on the bed behind Ira and poured half of the rest on her head.
Then, putting the plate next, she began to rub the mass into her hair.
And Ira helped her.
Then the remaining shit girlfriend stuck in the head Masha.
Now the friends were covered with shit and urine from head to toe.
In the dark, they wrapped themselves in a wet and dirty sheet and, firmly clinging to each other, fell asleep.
Tomorrow they had a very big cleaning.
April 2003.
TWO WRINKERS With Alexey we met for a short time, on the strength of two months.
She didn’t have special feelings for him, however, like him to me too.
We both understood that together briefly, until someone more interesting appears.
Well, something like that, I guess.
That evening we walked around the city, sat in coffee shops, chatted about nonsense (we never talked about love).
Suddenly a downpour began.
A black cloud appeared sharply, completely out of nowhere, the whole sky clouded, and it poured like a bucket.
For a couple of minutes, we were already completely wet.

They ran towards me, redeemed the rain and dried up, – – since he lived very close by.
Right from the threshold we both went to the bathroom.
Thrown off everything (even the panties were wet).
An amazing picture appeared before me – a bare, pumped up torso with Alexei’s elastic ass, raindrops dripping from his shoulders, gathering in thin streams.
I admired.
Between the legs it became hot and wet, and the already tense nipples became stone.
Alexey caught my eye, smiled and pulled him to him.
My hands began to wander around my perfect waist, hips, round ass, on a small but sensual chest.
His cock began to rest against my thigh.
What are you ice.
burning icy.
but as always.
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