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At the physical.
The doctor internally rejoiced.
He had already conducted inspections here, but they were always post-Balzak employees working in production.

And here such beauty! Having moderated his joyful excitement, the young man, as confidently as possible, invited Larisa to come in and pointed to the chair next to the table: – Sit down.
My name is Gennady.
Larisa also introduced herself – Do you have any questions with you? – Yes.
Here are the references and analyzes, – the girl handed him a thin stack of forms.
Aesculapate with preoccupation studied the paper and put them aside.
– From the dermatologist help is not the same.
Stamp “Healthy” and all.
This is not enough.
– But.
, – Larisa immediately became worried, – I do not know.
I told the doctor that I was arranging for food production.
She examined.
What is wrong? – There must be a conclusion that the skin is clean.

And not here.
I can not accept such a certificate.
– And what to do? Go there again? – What for? Nothing wrong.
I will examine myself.
Get undressed, please.
Behind the screen.
– BUT.
is it necessary ?, the girl asked cautiously, trembling with excitement “Of course,” Gena answered dryly, skillfully demonstrating complete indifference.
In fact, he was tormented by a problem that suddenly arose: the swollen member clearly bulged out his tight jeans, which clearly contradicted the status of the doctor.
Therefore, as soon as the visitor disappeared behind the screen, he jumped up and hastily pulled on a wide robe hanging beside him on a hanger.
Sit back in his seat, Gene, with a sinking heart, listened to the rustling of clothes because of the screen.
When the sounds subsided, he got up and headed to the fenced off corner.
The girl was standing in her panties, shyly covering her chest with her hands and looking at the doctor, like a frightened animal.

“Lower your hands,” the young man ordered in a cheerful voice.
The girl obeyed, and closed her eyes.
It seemed to her that it would be easier to cope with the situation.
She, of course, had undressed before doctors before, but today there was something special.
Increasing excitement was added to the ever-increasing sense of shame.
The reason was all the events preceding this examination.
Now she felt with her whole body how a man looks at her naked body, at her protruding nipples.
Even worse, the pause was delayed.
In this case, the doctor did not touch her, he just looked.
And this led Larisa even more.
She suddenly unbearably wanted to strip before him completely.
And at this very moment, the doctor, as if catching the vibes coming from the girl, asked in a dry voice: – Take off your pants, please.
The patient opened her eyes and looked intently at the doctor.
He looked down in embarrassment and blushed childishly.

According to his behavior, Larisa realized that there was no need not only to be naked, but in general, there was no physical examination.
But it did not matter to her anymore.
She was fascinated by this game.
The girl raised her hands and grabbed her fingers at the upper gum of her panties, and then slowly pulled them down to her ankles.
“Anything else?” She asked, confused to the limit, with an easy call.
She was amused by the reaction of her counterpart.
She waited for him to surrender and back up.
But Gena was also in such a condition that he could no longer turn back – Y-yes, – he answered quietly, – turn around and move the buttocks apart.
Larisa fulfilled his request, but did it in her own way.
So, as she was excited by the excitement that seized her.
She turned her back to Gene, spread her legs wider than her shoulders and bent low to the floor, showing herself all over.

The young man noisily swallowed when the wetted slit of the girl opened in all his glory.
And then he was scared.
What can no longer control myself.
What can not resist the desire to immediately tear off his clothes and get a visitor right here.
“Get dressed!” He almost shouted, making a funny rooster at the sound “A.”
This incident immediately sobered both.
Gene shamefully escaped to his workplace, and Larisa began to dress quickly.
Having put herself in order, she did not dare to leave her refuge behind a screen.
Just stood and waited.
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