Very young girl webcam. Girl watching girl webcam. Again I did not want to lead the boy to the nurse and I just went with him to one of the empty classes.
– Get down there! – I ordered Kolya, pointing to the nearest school desk, – Now I’ll change your diaper to you.
– Or maybe at home? – embarrassedly babbled red with shame.
– Change the diaper here! – I cut off, – What are you, the last two hours continuously blew there? This diaper is no longer able to absorb anything.

Soon all the pants will be wet.
Kohl looked at his pants and blushed even more.
– Well? – I looked at him expectantly, arms folded across my chest, – I told you to lie down on the table! The boy reluctantly climbed onto the table, almost crying for resentment.
– First, we will remove the pants, – I smiled gently, unbuttoning Colin’s pants, – And now let’s work on your diaper.
I carefully turned away the plump pampers.
“What a wet one,” I sighed, lifting my legs up to the boy to pull the diaper out from under him. “Nothing, now we will wipe the little Kolya between the legs.

Affectionate lisping was one of the key techniques in my “educational process.”
Each change of diapers was supposed to remind Kolya that only babies wet diapers.
– Nastya? – the classmate who has glanced in a class has called me, – What are you doing after lessons here? – Hello, Olka, – I nodded, taking a box with baby napkins from my bag, – You do not see, I change my baby’s diaper.
I smiled, noticing that because of Olin’s shoulder, two more girls from my class were staring at Kohl with curiosity: Sveta and Natasha.
– Do you change the diaper? – Olya was surprised. – To such a big one? – Can I see? – asked Sveta with a smile, squeezing past Olya through the door.
“Of course you can,” I smiled, waving at the girls to get closer.
“I don’t know the sales,” Olya hesitated, “The boy is probably embarrassed.”
See how to cover up.
– Somehow survive! – I said, having separated Kolya’s hands, – We don’t hesitate to wet our pants, and always blush during the change of diapers.

The girls around the table giggled softly.
“Let’s start with the ass,” I said, taking the first napkin out of the box, “Now we should wipe it out.”
First here, between the buttocks.
And the hole too.
I unceremoniously shoved a wet napkin into Colin’s hole.
“And now this bag,” I continued, taking a new napkin out of the box, “Wiping little Kolya thoroughly with all of his little boy devices between the legs.”
The girls giggled softly, pushing Kohl even more into the paint.
– Where has got! – I shouted at the boy, slapping his hands, which he tried to cover the groin.
As I expected, Kohl immediately roared loudly.
– I want to go home! shouted a six-year-old boy through crying, desperately trying to escape.
– Now stop the tantrum! – I said strictly, – Or do you need a nipple for this? Having roared another minute, Kolya calmed down on the sly.
“So he was tired of his whims,” ??I thought with exasperation, “We will come home, I will definitely punish you.”
– Is it a baby cream? – asked Sveta, pointing at the blue tube.
– Yeah, – I nodded, – And now we have a good anoint them Colin ass.

I started smearing the boy with baby cream, watching with a smile as he jerked helplessly from tickling with his bare legs.
Of course, I could completely clamp them, but decided not to.
“Let them do their feet with the girls with their feet,” I smiled, having started to tickle Kohl behind the scrotum on purpose.
– Who has a small pink bag between the legs? – I turned tenderly to a six-year-old boy, running my fingertips over his scrotum.
– The boys are all so interestingly arranged, – smiled Sveta.
– And do not say, – Olya giggled, – Such cool little gadgets between the legs.
“And how desperately he pulls out,” said Natasha with a smile.
– Yeah, so much jerking legs, – said giggling Olga.
“Floundering like a one-year-old,” the Light laughed after her.
– And really now as a chest, – agreed Olga, – Where are you, Nastya, found this? “A friend asked me to look after me,” I replied, and again imperceptibly tickled the boy behind the testicles, forcing him to universal delight to kick his legs.
“It is better not to bring the fountain to the ground,” I decided, noticing that the pussy’s twitch had moved several times, “Marley is not.”
Then you have to wipe the table “- What class is he in? – Olya asked.
– 1m “B”, – I replied.
– And still wears diapers? – giggled Light.

Seeing the curious glances of my classmates, I had to briefly tell them about Kolina’s problem.
“Poor child,” Olga sighed sympathetically.
“Yeah, so sorry for him,” Natasha smiled.
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