Webcam beauty. Old webcam sex. Having finally recovered himself, he wiped the sperm from his palm on Olgin’s thigh and stood up.
“Well, come on now,” I whispered to Paul.
– Yah! I can’t do both of you.
You go, and I can do it myself somehow.

– Are you ashamed or what? – Yes, what do you care? Indeed, what is the difference between us and Sergey?
We said goodbye to Paul and silently left.
I repeated the procedure.
Pavlusha strained his stomach and slightly arched his back.
-What? Enough? “Yes, that’s enough, I suppose,” the boy said quietly.
“Well, give the last one, and that’s it, head your head into the couch,” I said.
Pavlik fulfilled my order, and I downloaded another gram of two hundred soapy water.
Then he slapped his ass with a finger and ordered him to stand for a few minutes.
Then he ordered my prankster to stand up and jump in one place so that the water inside him would wash out better.
-Well, go look up.
Seeing my pretty boy in the toilet, I took Dasha by the hand and pulled her closer to me.
-So, well, princess? “Hey, I’m the princess!” – Joy offended Slava.

“You are both my favorite princesses,” I smiled, “but now, by the pope, this princess will get it from me.”
Having spread Dashka on my lap, I laid my hand on her ass, and began slowly, warming up, warming my daughter’s delicate buttocks.
Then he spanked lightly on them with his palm.
Then he began to slap harder.
– Eh, what is this, warming up? Or whipping already? – Dasha said displeased.
Yes, spanking, spanking already.
– I smiled.
– Do not worry, I spotted the time.
With these words, I began to forcefully beat the disobedient girl with my palm on the ass, from which Dashka shuddered and began to squirm.
Two minutes later I decided to change my position – I put her pubis on my hip so that both my daughters legs were on opposite sides of my knee.
Taking into my hand a pre-cooked wooden paddle, I slowly began to relish ohazhivat them redden ass 18-year-old schoolgirl.
Suffering up to this point, Daria began to squeak at last, and then yelled: -Oh! BUT! Dad, don’t! The time of the execution was almost at the end, and therefore, putting the paddle aside, I decided to calm my daughter a little before the final chord (in the end I was going to give her a good belt).

“Quietly, quietly, my little one,” I stroked my daughter’s ass and slowly, carefully, I reached out with my fingers to her boob.
The girl began to sob: -All already? -No, not all.
Now Pavlik will come, and I will give you a strap.
Well, pah! – almost sobbing, whined Dasha.
-What “pa”? Five minutes did not run out yet, – I slightly parted the lips of my girl with my fingers and tickled a little there.
– Oh, well, dad! Well do not have a belt, please! I realized already! “You already“ realized it ”a month ago, and“ realized it ”before that.
– I smiled.
– Everything, stop whining.
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