Webcam with inbuilt mic. hairy ebony webcam Ulya spread her legs, and I lay down on top of her, like a thin sheet covering Thumbelina.
Our lips ignited desire.
I turned over so that my tongue caressed her bosom.
I haven’t had sex for so long, it seemed to me like this is the first time.

Ulya moaned very loudly despite her quiet voice.
She opened up and showed herself to be full of erotic energy.
Lost her modesty.
I took from the collection the two best dildos.
We brought each other so much pleasure that I lost my head and was ready to forget what my name is and what happens in general.
Two bodies were in erotic vacuum.
We seem to be in another world.
I continued to repeat in my heart: “Who to thank for this miracle ??? !!!” When I opened my eyes, there was a tray with breakfast on the table near the bed, and Ulya was sitting next to me on her knees.
Good morning, my Queen! Ulya, you’re just a darling! – I took her face with both hands and gently kissed her forehead.
Queen, I will do everything to make you feel good.
How strange she calls me.
Nobody called me that.
It’s nice to feel how you are loved !.
I stretched and began to eat.
Ulyana woke up early and did not take a drop in her mouth.
She waited for my awakening.
The first time I had breakfast in bed.

And before that, I watched this only in films, and I could not believe that someone was doing this in life.
I would say earlier: “the troubles of romantics.”
I wanted to take a shower, but it turned out that already a bath full of foam was ready for me.
And slippers near the bed, which I always look for them.
This is a girl – so kind, gentle, vulnerable, now she will also help with everything.
Do not be in my home any more household chores! Ulyana washed my feet and kissed each finger, lightly nibbling on the ends.
I was terribly ticklish, but did not want to stop.
Great fun in the bathroom! I even forgot to go to work.
It was so hard to part.
Even for a few hours.
Now the apartment in which I lived for two years seemed to me much more comfortable, lighter and warmer.
Kindness, love and caress reigned around.
At work, things went much better.
Increased efficiency, increased strength.
All subordinates were shining.
I felt like I was charging the whole space with good energy.
Time flew by quickly, I managed to do everything, and hurried home.
Now she was waiting for me at home – my lovely Ulyana.
And the soul again and again wondered: “Who to thank for this miracle ??? !!!” On the very first evening I was in for an extraordinary surprise.

I open the door, and in the corridor there is a fluffy pink cat.
This Ulyana dressed up in a fluffy pink cat costume.
It turned out she was a pet-play lover, which I hadn’t known before.
Well, now I had a girlfriend and a cat in my house.
And in one person, depending on the situation.
Ulyana nezhilas about me, and I liked it.
Fluffy fur is pleasant, and even there is no allergy.
In the kitchen, she spun like a whirligig around me and did not give me a single step.
It was already thought that I would grow fat and turn into a barrel from real idleness.
In the spoiled barrel! But I felt rest and relaxation.
Everything is good and everything is nice.
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