Liza ra s bio and free webcam. free lesbian cams I liked her, even very much, but I was not going to waste my efforts, hoping for it on what, when she already had a loved one.
The culmination of the evening was the arrival of Dashka.
Of course, she did not know that Alina would be in the company.
Therefore, her visit was not aimed at gaining a tactical advantage in the region.


No, she did not even expect to meet me here – just came to air.
We were both caught off guard.
Alina, it seems, recognized in Dasha an angry passer from the street.
By the way, Dasha again chose a negative role.
Surprised by my presence, she was simply trampled into the dirt by my impudence to bring to the territory, where her fourth size and sexual acquaintance with all of us provided her with a dominant feminine position.
Now she has a competitor.
Of course, her breast size was obviously smaller and there was no one with whom Alina did not sleep, but the factor of chastity and innovation guaranteed her a high advantage over the already slightly tired and bored beauty.

I was forced to present them to each other.
– E.
Meet Dasha, this is Alina, my girlfriend.
Alina, this is Dasha, mine.
“His ex,” Dasha put in.
That’s how they met! Alina tried to be polite, showing Dasha that she was not going to take the conquered territories from her overnight.
Dasha treated this slightly condescendingly: she, too, smiled sweetly, laughed, but I knew that all this was a disguise, a cunning and insidious bitch.
In this whole situation, I tried to keep aside: with Dasha, we are purely like that – just to get laid, with Alina, we do nothing at all – she already has a boyfriend.
So why the hell am I going to break into their “cold war”: let them gnaw their throats on each other! I went out with Sasha to the balcony.
Then began the inquiry about the newly arrived in our close team.
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