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Meanwhile, Ashot was stepping up the pace, his eggs were beating on my wife’s pussy with a resounding slap.
Then Ruslan and Gena jumped up to him, and the pushing of Natashkina’s ass began.
Let me plant her, ”Gena shouted,“ Listen to a non-Russian muzzle. ”Ashot just smiled sweetly and continued to pummel my spouse’s ass.

A minute later, he still gave way to Gena, and now Gena, with his member, entered through the ass inside my wife.
Natasha’s boobs were dangling from side to side, and she herself sobbed softly, and probably thought that Monte Carlo is far away, and fucked in the ass right now.
I sat a little bit drunk and looked at it from the side, my cock got up and I was embarrassed by the excitement that swept over me.
In the meantime, Ruslan had been working hard on my wife’s ass.
Where is Jacques, I thought, and immediately the door opened and the photographer ran into the room.

Well, how are you doing, oh my rainbow flower, how did the boys do a good job? – he grinned.
Natasha looked at him with tear-stained eyes of a scored child.
So good Ruslan, you and wait, you get Gena on the bed and put your little eggs in our mouth, so that the member would lie on her face, Jacques began busily.
“Good, great, Natasha, you are well done, now Gena lie down on the bed, and put our guest on your dick, you put Ruslan in her mouth, and you Ashot get her ass.
“When the directions were made, the guys enthusiastically set to work.
My Natasha was seated, bent and roughly planted.
Jacques took a couple of photos and suddenly his phone rang.
With a cry of “This is personal,” he went out into the corridor.
As I suggested, the guys diligently began to hammer my wife into all holes.
That’s the picture, did Natashka think this morning that at lunch she would be hammered into three holes by three big men, in front of her husband, it’s hard to imagine, but it happens.

The guys went off in earnest, Ashot winding my wife’s hair on his arm, just stuck Natasha’s head on the very eggs, not paying attention to bouts of vomiting.
Gena was lying on the bed under Natakha, squeezing my wife’s breasts tightly, as if drawing her to her, Ruslan holding her buttocks strengthened her ass fucked, drenched in sweat, everybody was fucking a certain place trying to drag my Natasha over, she was just tearing in front of me.
I looked at all this and suddenly I realized that I myself would not mind participating in this orgy.
This went on for about seven minutes, Jacques entered the hall and the guys immediately put out their members.
Natasha weakened fell on Gene on the chest.
Gene rudely knocked my wife on the bed and pulled his dick out of the vagina.
Natasha was tear-stained, to the death zaebannaya, remained lying on the bed.
So boys, the girl has not tortured? Jacques asked, “Put her on her back, so that her head would be on weight, we will take a deep blowjob” Natashka was immediately turned and laid as Jacques said.

Ashot sunk her dick deep in her throat, until it stops and stay in this position as long as possible, just do not overdo it like last time.
said Jacques.
Natasha, staring in agony, looked now at Jacques, now at me, then at Ashot.
No, please don’t, I don’t want, she babbled.
But no one listened to her, the process went, the dick went deep into the throat and stopped there.
Snap the camera.
Good girl, good girl, now for realness I need to have more saliva, so let Ashot do some work.
– the photographer has efficiently said.
And Ashot began to work, the dick entered the throat of my Natasha with great speed, she choked, streams of tears flowed down her cheeks, smeared mascara, hair drained.
I could not believe what was happening before my eyes, my beloved woman was roughly fucked in the mouth, and it gave me an incomprehensible pleasure. “Well, Ashot, put everything deeper and stand still when you feel that our guest is choking, pull out the cock and Turn her face to the camera, understand? “Aha boss” he moaned and began to perform.

Ashot abruptly thrust his dubino down his throat, his eggs smacked against my wife’s nose.
Natasha arched and tried to shove her tormentor with her hands, kicked, but could not do anything, the dick stayed deep in the throat.
“This is Natasha, called a deep blowjob,” Jacques said instructively.
“That’s nice, pull a member and turn her face on me,” he said to Ashot.
Quickly pulling Ashot’s dick, taking my Natasha by the ears, turned her face towards the camera.
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