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The chief fought his secretary, Elka, and entrusted to her the selection of a cow.
Elka, realizing that her girlfriend Lidochka, God had endowed with such wealth, offered her a meeting with the chief, for decent money.
“I feed him, suppose, feed him.

Milk is a lot.
But what else? “- Lidochka asked her friend.
“Sosit tits, well in her mouth shove, well, later in the pussy.
Delov then.
From you will not lose.
He’s a nice guy, 40 years old, in juice.
See how much money pays.
“persuaded Elk.
“Well, I need to talk with Denis.
Without him, I will not decide anything “ended the conversation with her friend Lidochka.
Denis was taken aback when, blushing and stuttering, Lidochka told about her friend’s proposal.
First, his first reaction was: anger, indignation.

But then he imagined that his own little wife was being rented as a pregnant cow, and someone else’s sperm would bubble in those lovely pink lips.
For some reason, these thoughts excited him.
Denis gave his consent, but only for breastfeeding, without sexual contact.
Lidochka made an appointment with Sergey Petrovich, the chief of Elki, and in the conversation clarified that she agreed, but without penetrating her.
Sergey Petrovich agreed and made an appointment at a rented apartment at 6 o’clock in the evening.
From the middle of the day, Lidochka was preening.
Denis collected it.
He advised her to wear stockings and tight panties.
“You do not take off your panties, please.
“- asked husband.
“Of course dear, because I love only you.
After all, this is all I do only for us “- Lidochka consoled him, kissing on the threshold.
“Everything is gone” – Denis did not find a place for himself.

Having laid his daughter, he imagined his little wife, naked in front of someone else’s man, and furiously jerked off his dick.
Lidochka arrived by taxi at 12 o’clock at night.
“Well, how are you?” – excitedly chattering Denis, taking his wife to the sofa and undressing her on the road.
“It’s okay, he didn’t eat me.
Only nipples hurt very much, you be careful – all sucked dry.
Why, the lower abdomen is very sore.
All panties are wet from discharge.
I was in shorts and did not allow anything extra, as we agreed.
I want to finish.
Will you help? “” Yes-aa “- Denis groaned.
He took off his wife’s bra and huge, previously poured, breasts spread over the stomach with “ears of a spaniel”.
Red and convex sucked to the blood, nipples lay almost on her lap.
Blue mesh veins made on her exhausted and sagging breasts.
Denis attentively looked at his woman who was tired and sitting limply on the sofa with her legs wide apart.

He noticed dried up whitish spots on her chest, on her cheeks and thighs.
I saw her burning eyes, lips cracked and swollen, with the same whitish crust around.
“Is that his sperm?” – asked Denis.
He let me in my mouth, I pulled out his breasts, sucked, but he was not in me.
He pissed me off.
“- she hesitated, -” did not let me wash off.
He asked about you.
I told him that you know everything and let me go myself.
He said it was a gift from him to you.
I’m fucking now? Do you hate me? “- her lips quivered.
“Not!” – Denis shouted feverishly kissing his Lidochka in his lips, covered with a crust of dried sperm.
He licked the dried drips from her breasts, from her thighs.
He dug his lips into the wet panties that smelled of secretions, which had not yet been taken off, as a symbol of the loyalty of his wife.
Lidochka, excited to the extreme, bit her lips and whispered: “I fucking, I’m a bitch.

And you husband fuck! Lick and clean your little wife! ”Denis finally took off her panties and streams of sticky Lidochkin of death poured into his mouth.
Lidochka shook in a strong orgasm.
It’s all over.
But the moans and cries of his wife woke up little Marishka.
She zanyla, was delivered in the crib, asking for food.
“I can not take her nipples hurt terribly.
Dan, let’s give her your breast.
She will suck like a pacifier and calm down “- suggested Lidochka-” You just need to dress up.
Let him think it’s mommy. ”
Lidochka wore her wide bra on Dena, took his plump breasts from him over it.
Two rather large hemispheres, squeezed with a cloth, rose.
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