Indian hidden cam sex scandal. webcam taboo sex I see you train my staff.
Well done.
Anton, unsuspecting, radiated warmth and benevolence, but Victoria, noticing me, tightened like a string, already realizing that she could expect another surprise.
I had no right to deceive the expectations of the ladies.

– I did not know that Victoria Pavlovna works for you.
She is in great shape! – I don’t let her relax.
Victoria Pavlovna works at the company in a literal sense, by the sweat of her face, and all parts of the body.
True, Vikusya? Vika blushed, fluttered her long eyelashes, dropping her gaze to the floor, and at that moment resembling an innocent red cap that came to dinner to a gray wolf.
– Yes.
Stepan Ivanovich.
– And tell me, Anton, as a professional, do you find that our Victoria Pavlovna has over-fed her ass? Asking this question, I with two fingers strongly pulled off the elastic of Victoria’s pants, as if appreciating her ass.
After waiting for my gesture to become noticeable, and attracted the attention of not only Anton, but also of other men sweating on the simulators, I let go of the gum, extracting from this a biting, savory click.

Now Anton has turned red.
– No, Stepan Ivanovich.
Everything is okay.
It seems to me.
– Well, I do not know, Anton.
See for yourself, otherwise I’m not sure.
Now I again turned to Vic, trembling, worried, and so obviously wanting to fall through the earth from shame.
The filthy and vulgar manner in which I spoke with Victoria, who was a queen of blood a minute ago, reinforced the absurdity and piquancy of the situation.
– Vikusik, turn your back to Anton, and gently lower your trousers.
Show him the zhopka, let him look.
We need to know for sure if you have cellulite.
Come on, kisul, don’t be angry, daddy! Accustomed to humiliation in the office, in her own way already adapted to them, the woman was completely unprepared for anything like that in another territory.
Nevertheless, the rebellion did not happen, and she slowly turned back to Anton, escaping from my gaze, because golden, long hair fell on her chest, covering her face, and hiding shaking lips, moisturized eyes and crimson from shame, cheeks .

Putting her hands on her waist, she dared, sighed heavily, and then, with a head thrown into the pool, lowered her sweatpants, showing the coach, and all those who were behind her, her big, elastic ass, covered with pink swimming trunks.
– Anton, you do not get lost, feel.
Try to touch the ass, Victoria Pavlovna.
– Come on, Stepan Ivanovich.
I’m already.
I see that all.
– Vikusik, quickly ask Anton to touch you on the ass! You do love young coaches doing this! DO NOT MAKE ME WAIT, kitty !!! Swallowing nervously, and apparently hoping that thanks to her obedience, the procedure will end, Victoria immediately began to obediently babble in a trembling voice: – Anton.
Take a look.
Touch it.
You are welcome.
Anton’s huge, hardened palm timidly reached for a woman’s buttock, which in the bright light of daytime lamps, now resembled a ripe melon, and touched it, slipping on the thin fabric of underpants.

The touch was barely perceptible, but Vika started so violently that the light fat on her ass started to move, invitingly trembling.
I enjoyed the fact that now the whole hall was watching us.
The grooming, style and mannerism of Victoria, did not allow to suspect in the woman an ordinary, vulgar prostitute who would be forgiven for such unexpected behavior.
So, the lady of good will arranging a public erotic show, looked in the eyes of others, spoiled, perverted nymphox whore, from among those who are so condemned in society, although never mind the way to properly fuck.
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