Sexsihmexsi bonga cams. housewife sex cams After all, when else will happen to check out the underwear of his colleagues? Svetochka threw the key to the floor and quite deftly went down herself.
Olya just crouched down and jumped off.
And Lida was embarrassed.
Trying to repeat the Olin trick, she could not resist and flew down with a scream.

Ramil immediately orientated, stepped under it, and put his hands on his legs just above his knees.
The girl slipped inside this ring and landed safely on the floor.
But her skirt ripped up above the belt, showing everyone who has not yet seen this, that today Lida chose red and lace.
She quickly recovered and turned to the wall, so as not to experience the mocking glances of men.
Stepan raised the key and rushed to the door.
She opened without a problem, opening a small lever.
The boss immediately pressed him and everyone saw how the door to the second room began to rise quickly.
– Done! We pass everything quickly! When everyone left, Stepan released the lever and also moved to the exit, but the door literally fell down, cutting it off from the others.

He opened it again and tried to move faster, but still: he could only get to the middle of the room.
Everyone had to go back to solve a new riddle.
“Can you hold her while I run out?” Suggested Stepan.
– Rules forgot? It is impossible.
– answered Roman, carefully examining the lever.
All details of the design were fitted very tightly, so I did not have to hope to fix it by thrusting it.
in some slit, for example, a pin.
There were simply no cracks.
“And here, at the door, the eyelet is lined into the floor,” said the big-eyed Svetochka.
“So what?” Mila asked. “You can attach a lever to it with something.”
– And again, well done, Tiunova! – Stepan praised cheerfully, – How to tie? Colleagues, what are the suggestions? Sketch, Sketch! “There are 8 meters here,” Ilya estimated the distance, “You can use belts.”
The men took the belts out of their pants and fastened them, but it turned out only about 6 meters.
The girls had no belts, but there was something else that Roma remembered.
– Tights!

Two pairs just enough.
– Tochnyak !, – Mila picked up the idea, – Svetka, shoot.
All the same, they have broken.
So after all, Lyubimov? Did you see? Kostya again reddened like a child.
Milena seemed to enjoy embarrassing him.
“And what am I doing again?!”, Svetochka was indignant.
– Do you feel sorry for what? These are my more expensive than all your outings are.
And you get 5 pieces – buy one for yourself.
Take off come on.
Do it for the team! ”- she mocked Chief Mila.
“Stop making fun of the girl!” Lida said, “I’ll take it off if necessary.”
Sveta gratefully looked at her colleague, while the men turned their heads delicately.
Lida quickly pulled off her pantyhose and threw them in front of Roman.
Olya, having thought a little, did the same.
Further was only a matter of technology.
Lever quickly secured, and the whole team safely moved to the next room.
When the last one passed, the door behind it slammed silently.
2 room New mystery was simple.
On the wall adjacent to the first room, 16 holes were chaotically located, from which a bright light was hitting, and there was also a noticeable flow of air.

On the opposite wall there were photo cells, and above the door to the next room was a display, on which the numbers from 1 to 16 were burning.
When Kostya, out of curiosity, covered one of the holes with his hand, one of the numbers immediately went out.
“I see,” said Illya, “you need to close all 16.”
– Easy to say “close”! How ?, asked Olya.
Roma did not say anything.
He simply took off his tie, rolled it up into a roll and stuffed it into one of the holes.
The figure has gone out.
Ties were 5.
And they were immediately pushed up by holes.
But it turned out to be a bit more complicated.
When Kostya thrust his 5th, Ilya’s tie flew out.
After a couple of experiments, it became clear that all the holes are combined into one system.
And when some of them were plugged, the air flow from the rest increased.
There was only one way out: to score more tightly.
But no one wanted to part with his clothes.
Stepan sputtered saliva, convincing that things would not spoil, that it was necessary for a common cause, appealed to the team spirit, and got everyone out so that all his subordinates, secretly whispering, decided to get rid of the bothers.

For the sake of such a thing, no one regretted any belongings.
In the course went the jackets of men and their shirts, jackets of girls, as well as ties, socks and all the tights left on the ladies, twisted together in tight balls.
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