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I answered only one question – Dad on a business trip, I’ll come back – we will have dinner in their cafe in a day.
And I remember you and your mother and even your father – you have such a big one.
In the spring came several times.

I have become kinder — that’s right, Dad has a man of my own, there is nothing to do for the sick in the north.
The old woman was impressed by the new word – business trip, she repeated several times.

I explained to her the principle – you live where you like to live, and you work where you pay well.
She liked the idea, but how to get to work? Hearing about the plane, she stopped jumping – wow, your father flies to work on the plane, cool.
Well, not every day.
Home for the weekend? Not less often much less.
It is summer now, there is a lot of work, but how the earth will limp to the very frost – he will find a week or two and will arrive.
We would still chat, but she clicked – drag a bucket quickly and she rode away.
After a couple of days, I was again near her cafe, and she seemed to be waiting for me, rode up and said that she was released for a couple of hours to play outside.

And where’s your house? I led to show.
She put her palm in my hand and went to look at my lodging.
My eyes clouded with unaccustomed eyes – I had never walked with girls by the hand for as long as I can remember, even with minded people.
I don’t even have cousins ??and sisters, but at school, oh.
At school this is really bad, especially in our class.
The girls are all hefty mares, nobody even looks at me, although I am not the last in the ranks in the ranks – somewhere in the middle.
Yes, and the rest of the boys the same situation, although all the guys chatter.
Dreamers, I give a tooth.
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