Live sex free cams com. bongacams chaturbate com While one is washing, another can wash in the shower, Tolik supported him and headed for the door.
Behind him in the shower rushed the rest, on the go dropping towels.
– Let me soap you.
I liked it when my older brother was washing me, because I always dreamed of washing someone too, – Tolik suggested when friends were together in a booth, and, not waiting for an answer, he began to soap Ruslana.

– Did your brother wash you there too? – Ruslan smiled when Tolik began to gently soap his balls and dick.

– So there was the most buzz.
Especially when he did like that, – Tolik laughed, chasing the skin around the head of a hardening member of a friend.
– You are a dunce.
Go now to wash yourself there, ”laughing, dodged from the hand of a friend Ruslan and, pushing Tolik out from under the shower, he himself took his place.
Having washed off the soap and not waiting for a friend, Ruslan came out of the booth with a half-standing member.
– Did you wash there or did you do anything else? – loudly, to hear the boys from the squad, grinned staring at Ruslan’s thin slender brunette named Kostya, who had just entered the shower room and had not yet had time to undress, standing in the middle of the shower with a naked torso in denim knee-high shorts.
– What do you want?

Do you want too? – Ruslan quipped, wiping himself with a towel.
– Well no.
Thank you, I like girls more.
I’m not a fag, as some – Who is a fag? – Ruslan with a sharp kick to the head knocked the brunet on the tiled floor.
“Here is a reptile,” Kostya groaned.
The boys from the detachment, forgetting about the shower, stood silently around.
– Kostyan, I’m sorry.
I reacted on the machine.
Honestly – I didn’t want to – to help get up, Ruslan leaned over to a comrade who had blood running out of a cut eyebrow, dripping directly onto the white tile of the shower.
– Wait.
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