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Do not mind? It was uncomfortable to refuse, I say: – Well, if only for a little bit.
I put the wine glasses on the table near the sofa and went to the kitchen to bring some fruit.
And Larisa at that time took out a bottle of “Martini” and poured it into wine glasses.

– Well, for the owner! – Larisa raised a wine glass.
“But the first is just to the bottom,” she warned me.
I also raised a glass and we drank.
– Where do you work? – Neighbor asked me.
“I teach biology in the 5th school,” I replied.
“So, I am also a teacher by education, though I’m in elementary school, but for 5 years I haven’t been working in my specialty,” said Larisa.
– Who do you work now? – I asked her. Hairy webcam masturbation. Webcam full hd 60fps.