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He made me laugh all the time.
It was his caring nature that first attracted me.
His mother was quite ill while he was studying but he never forgot to ring her and he went home whenever he could. Read More…

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I’ll take anything,” she groaned.
I kissed my way between her breasts and quickly nibbled on her left one. Read More…

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From behind the cabinet, he got the crop.
He ran the crop from my big toe to my knee, a little bit of pressure telling me to open my legs. Read More…

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I knew people did it in porn videos all the time, but I just had the urge to stick out my tongue and lick her breasts. Read More…

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When she was in this position I got her to lift her bottom off the floor while I slipped the cushion underneath her. Read More…

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His hot wet tongue felt so good swirling around her nipples.
He sucked her breast then lightly bit her nipple. Read More…

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I snuck in and peered into their bedroom.
My sister had always been afraid of the dark, and just as she always did, she left the lamp on by the bed. Read More…

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I took her teat in his hands again, rolled her breasts in both directions, then took her nub in my fingers, pinched them hard, and pulled them from her chest. Read More…

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When she arrives, I’m surprised to find her wearing a veil, instead of a burqa.
It shows only her eyes, which are obviously Asian. Read More…

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It was all a cycle.
They liked the up part of the cycle, but it seemed to go hand-in-hand with the down part. Read More…

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Helen yelped around Ron’s cock, but quickly closed her lips around him again.
“She sucks like a fucking vacuum cleaner,” Ron said, and then brushed her hair away so he could see her face. Read More…

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Only this time, Jerry was naked and his white dick exposed to me.
In the darkness, biting my blanket to stop any noise and unknown to him, he pleasured me fully. Read More…

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I know that I for one would give her anything and everything to be able to spend one night with her.
I bet that body feels even better than it looks.
” That’s when I remember it hit me. Read More…

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Yes, I can do that.
” He hung up and looked around the room.
“Guess who’s going to Colorado?” “Now?” Shayla asked, incredulous. Read More…

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When she had finished the majority of her story, and after a few more drinks, she appeared to relax, so I asked her to dance. Read More…

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Pillows are also laid about the comforters.
Angel leads me into the middle of the lay-out, unties the belt of my robe and slips it off of my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Read More…

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“He’s okay.
He’s sleeping like a baby,” Eddie confirmed, through a cloud of smoke.
Ignoring the brief interruption, continuing her journey of sexual discovery, familiarity flirting with expectation, the pulse between her legs teasing her senses, closing her fingers in a tight fist around the girth, moving her hands slowly and deliberate, working the length back and forth, gripping the meaty flesh on the down stroke, feeling his pubic hair brushing against her hand, holding it for a moment before easing her grip on the way back, pulling the loose foreskin over the smooth head, feeling a sticky deposit oozing from the open eye, moving his hips to the persuasion of touch, his legs stiffening, the pace of her hand increasing, back and forth, pulling and tugging, gulps and mumbles vague, his release only seconds away.

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The whip cracked right on her pussy this time, causing Stacey to nearly sit all the way up, but she quickly recovered her position and covered it instinctually with her hand. Read More…

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He stepped forward obediently.
He fiddled with the bra’s closure a little before gently uncovering her breasts. Read More…

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Curtis nods in agreement, and allows me to control the action with my fist, lips and tongue.
He is so cute; he seems like a little boy who has been chastised for misbehaving. Live show nude.
Despite my instructions to him to stand still, as his excitement increased, Curtis could not help but rock his hips; slightly at first, and more as he gets closer to cumming.

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His moans of pleasure became louder and more intense.
I knew my boss was going to cum soon.
Curtis grabs my head to hold it in place as his loins stiffen, and he arches forward with his hips.

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