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It immediately began to beat faster, and the pupils dilated.
Hot bright yellow jet struck the heart, as if on a drum, and drops of urine flew in all directions.
Claire’s eyes filled with tears, she opened her mouth in a protesting scream, but the jet immediately hit him, filling her mouth.

Before the slut realized spit it out, a powerful voice rang out: Swallow! Claire did not dare to disobey.
Swallowing, she took a deep breath.
And then she realized that this is the greatest humiliation, and to be humiliated, she loves so much.
Her eyes immediately dried out and lit up with lust, and her pussy was moistened.
She opened her mouth wide, asking for a look at one more portion of urine.
And then she got it.
This time, the prostitute swallowed herself and licked her pissed lips.
Suiler has dried up.
Removing his phallus, he took out a cigarette and went to the door.

Her name was Vika.
She was not described by beautiful and feminine, beautiful figure, charming legs.
In secret, I always wanted to meet with her, but in the first year I was just not allowed to go to her by other guys.
Her character was changeable, then she behaved like a good girl, and then like a devil (I exaggerate of course).
When she appeared, I was just stunned with shame and fear.
She was in a topic without a bra and a tiny skirt.
She came up to me and smiled sweetly, but I did not know what to say to that.
To smile in response was very stupid, since I was still on my knees and only that I was let down by her friends.
Well, what a slut ?! Would you even say hello to me !!! – she said this and laughed in my face.
Hi Vick! She kicked me in the stomach and, with a commanding intonation, said a little louder: You greeted me, why didn’t you kiss my feet ??? Kiss scum animal !!!

I strictly fulfilled her requirement and kissed her legs.
Listen to me carefully slut! You understand that now you will be constantly chmyrit and beaten in a hostel, you will be humiliated lowered for the team! You understood me?? Yes.
So, if you do not want such fame, listen to me carefully.
Now you will be my slave and from now on you will call me Mistress !!! Do you understand me whore ?? Yes.
Yes Milady!!! – and she kicked me in the stomach again.
Yes, Mrs., kissing her legs I said.
Well done bitch !!! Get up on all fours !!! I did not know what was going on with me.
The girl I always wanted to see as my girlfriend and even my wife orders me and kicks me with her legs, like the last thing.
Unhurriedly, I got on all fours and she sat astride me like a pony.
Go!!! I started off and she shouted again: Where, yes, Madam ?! Yes Milady! – my knees were already just burning, because of the fact that they constantly crashed into them, the branches, the bumps and different rubbish.

Not a lot having driven on me, she ordered to stop getting off me.
Vika lay on the grass and sexually spread her legs.
Her skirt ripped up and I saw her panties.
Well, got carrion !!! Take off your panties with Mistress and lick me! Yes Milady! Ten minutes later she finished.
I was glad of it, because I thought that the execution over me would end.
But it was not there.
So listen to me carefully! Now you lie on your back, and I sit on your face and pee in your mouth and face! And God forbid you even close your mouth and you will not swallow !!! Yes Milady.
– I obeyed because I was too afraid of her friends and my participation in the hostel.
I lay down and saw her crotch above my face.
Suddenly she began to write to me.
Everyone who writes that they like to drink urine, I think they lie.
To me she was frankly disgusting, warm, salty, bitter fluid flowed down my face, neck and mouth.

Then Mrs. ordered me to stand so that I could sit her on the shoulders.
She sat on my shoulders, I hugged her legs and drove to our camp.
Some time passed, during which I had not once been subjected to what I did to her guys and their two friends, but this was not often and without bullying.
Therefore, I got used to such a life and it did not burden me.
And finally, one day, Vika’s boyfriend ordered me to go in and do everything she said, if I upset her with something, I was finished! In the evening I went to Vika’s room, in the next wing of the hostel.
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