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This morning I decided to walk around the island.
He is big enough.

For a start, joy.

Not far from the place where we are with you, the sea brought a plastic suitcase to the shore.
Opening – things.
Women’s, men’s.
But more women.
I find myself khaki shorts with a lot of pockets.
Cool! 🙂 I pull away the suitcase to you, so that you would deal with him and move on.
To get to the other side of the island I wade through the jungle.
Carefully watch where I’m advancing.
The snake did not seem to come across, but what the hell is not joking: I look out over the coastal thickets: from the devil! The sources of the screams have become clear.
On the reach is a fast motronaya boat.
On the sand, black armed men lie side by side.
They are either very drunk or drugged.
And the screams: screamed out the orangutan.
These freaks tied her to a tree and clearly “enjoyed” poking knives.
She is still alive and barely moans.
Quietly coming up.
She is clearly not a tenant.
He looks so human and quietly groans.

I won’t even describe how they freak out.
And in my opinion also raped.
Freaks !!!.
I stroke her on the head and smoothly but strongly stick a knife into the heart.
In the eyes of the moment gratitude shines and they are closed forever.
Now people: Something they do not look like a rescue service.
Rather, they are pirates.
Clearly stoned.
I think they have something like a base on this island.
I carefully look around and see – full of different weapons.
Automatic rifles, pistols, knives.
There is even a sniper rifle of an unknown model.
In the boat RPG grenade launcher and several grenades.
Cats, ropes, handcuffs.
Everywhere used syringes roll.
In general, I am clearly not ready to introduce them to you.
Where does it come from: When I interrupted the torments of an orangutan, my heart was bleeding.
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