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Now I’ll bring ice from the counselors, but for now squeeze the wound, – Tolik shouted his towel to Kostya, Tolik just came out of the shower stall and continued, turning to Ruslan, – what have you really been fucked? I almost killed a man.
Give me your towel.
“I was joking,” looking at Tolik’s footprint, tying a towel around his belt while running, Kostya said in a shaking voice.

– No more joking – So what happened here? – A minute later flew into the shower full of naked boys, hiding behind her hands, counselor Tanya and immediately ran to Kostya, crouching beside him.

– I slipped and here: Result, – said Kostya.
– So.
get up on the sly.
Come with me to the medical center.
And you! Marsh wash and on beds.
In five minutes I will come and check, she shouted at the other boys.

Now I am 25, and I want to write about those times when I was 14.
At that time, it was already possible to freely buy porn magazines and pornographic cassettes.
It was there that I saw for the first time how adults are fucking.

These magazines and tapes went from hand to hand through school, and not only among boys, but also among girls.
So that by the age of 14 I was theoretically well-grounded.
I knew that women can fuck pussy and ass (and you can both go there and there at the same time), you can give them to suck dick, and you can lick between their legs.
In many photos and films, women happily substituted their mouths and faces under the jet of sperm and then, satisfied, smeared it on the face or swallowed it.
In short, I knew a lot of things, but I did not try anything except onanism.
I often jerked off as soon as the opportunity arose to retire with the magazine.
Of my friends, no one really had sex either.
And everything changed in one summer.
In 1997 we were sent to the so-called holiday camp.
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