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We even forgot about the presence of Yuri, who quietly filmed the whole thing on video.

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Your caresses and your participation helped me relax.
I really care about your support.
Yuri went somewhere, left the camera turned on.
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org) As soon as we both came to our senses a little, the door opened and a regular guest appeared in our room, a man in his early 40s, slightly respectable, handsome.

He smiled when he saw us sitting side by side on the bed in a hug.
You stroked my head, I inclined it to you on a shoulder, probably, my appearance and really reminded the look of a whore who fucked for the first time.
The man smiled: – Hi! My name is Vladimir.
And you girls are really lovely both.
Yuri told me that you, Marinka, will not be alone.
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He himself stripped naked.
He had such a big dick, even though he was half relaxed, his size was impressive.
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It is for you! Get stronger! Deeper! Now you have my throat! Can’t you ??? Well, then we will learn.
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That was something! I almost did not tear the tears from my eyes! He took my hands behind my head and began to pull me towards myself, towards my pubic hair, to push me with my head on my trunk.
I choked, but he was implacable.
In the room, my lowing and gurgling of the mouth, from which saliva flowed in viscous streams, was heard hollowly.
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