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Student Z.

Freud, by the way, and his opponent.

Then I was only 19 and I had a beautiful girl Lisa.
I was in love with her and it seemed that I could never live without her green eyes and sweet smile.
One day my Lisa went to her distant relative for her birthday.
I was very lonely and sad, and I decided to go to a local cafe and have a beer.
everything was as usual: clouds of smoke, noisy companies and confused waiters.
I sat at the bar and drank beer, when suddenly a certain girl caught my eye, for some reason she seemed familiar to me.
She noticed my gaze and also seemed to recognize me.
She came up to me and said: “earring, are you?” And then, as if something clicked in my head, it was Katya.
I have not seen her for more than 6 years since our family moved to Rostov.

“Katka, oh, how long ago I didn’t see you !!!” “how glad I am that I met you.
I recognized you immediately: blond hair, blue eyes.
“I immediately remembered the time when she was my neighbor and we were missing all day together.
At that time, I really liked her, but I never decided to tell her about my feelings.
“Well tell me how are you? What are you doing in Rostov? ”“ Why, I’ve finished school and decided to come here.
“” I see, this is great !! “.
Listen, maybe you can show me the city, otherwise I just arrived and have not yet mastered it.
“Of course, I agreed and we went for a walk around the city.
Streets, trees flashed before our eyes, and we just chatted and remembered how we had fun together.
“Kate, do you want me to show you one very beautiful place, it’s not too far here?” “Of course, let’s go, everything is interesting to me!” I decided to show her the place where I had loved to think and dream about the future since childhood .
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