Skype for business webcam. teen boy webcam porn And each time she became curious more and more.
Once, in a fit of passion and excitement, I decided and described the whole picture of what was happening in my head.
At first, I described to her how the two of us fuck and another man joins in the back, how the two of us synchronously fuck her in both holes, and then into one in turn.
() At that moment, when I told her about it, I stroked her clit, and suddenly I felt such a heat with my finger that you would not feel from the stove, the vagina was soaked as if there were two liters of grease filled in with a finger, slowly moving my finger to the anus opening, I realized that the priest, who, usually on alert, ready to repel any attack, broke up and was ready to suck my finger inside, just continue moving deeper.

That day we started doing simple everyday sex (She was on top), but with one small change: I grabbed her waist and began to smooth her ass, gradually going down closer to the treasured ring of the anus, and now my wet finger already smooths her anal movements with circular movements, Cock enters deeper into the vagina, if before any attempts to touch the anus were stopped, this time she wanted to put her ass on my finger.

Finally, the moment came when the priest relaxed completely, and the finger fell into it.
I did not even expect such a reaction from her, she began to squirm much more screaming and sat on my finger ass with the fact that my dick was in her for the most eggs and swollen two times more than usual from excitement.
I imagined my faithful jumping on my penis, then instead of my finger it appeared as if a member of another man (while during sex all my fantasies were told out loud, from which she flowed even more) and she would sit down on my member then on the other, or even together, two members worked to the beat until she finished (by the way, much faster than usual).
After she finished the second time, literally in 2-3 minutes, I stopped restraining myself and filled all her pussy with sperm to the very edges.
She admitted that it was one of the most amazing orgasms she experienced.
And after that, every time in bed, we began to fantasize much more frankly than before, with what the dirtier and more reckless imagination, the sex was more passionate bright and spontaneous.

But all was not limited to imaginations only.
It all started with the fact that I shaved my wife’s pussy.
It turned out so well! Smoothly, without a single hair from pubis to ass.
Well, that day I licked her a little, so I went to bed.
A few days later, our general friend calls me and says – – Listen! They say you hid in yourself the makings of a super hairdresser? – What, little wife talked out? – I ask.
– Come on, says, – I want it too! – Well, forward to my husband – I answer.
– He does not know how and does not want, in short, my everything is in the country, until Monday (today is Saturday), I am waiting for you at home, I guarantee payment (laughs).
I must say that Olya is a very appetizing girl, younger than 5 years by my wife, with 3 breast sizes, butt is a peach, in general I often jerked off on her, even after having sex with mine.
Had arrived.
Olya in a dressing-gown, barely covering her ass, has already poured water into a basin and brought it into the bedroom.

The razor is ready, too.
– Well, okay, I say, let’s see what we have here.
– And not only we will look – this bitch lustful laughs.
Oh, and overgrown! First, scissors, removed large vegetation.
Shaving foam gently applied :.
Oh yes, we have flowed already! Patience.
He waved the razor in all directions, touched it with his finger, everything seemed to be running smoothly.
– Let’s shower.
All wash off then we’ll see.
– You will not go with me? – Chevo I have not seen there! I say.
– Well, okay, just do not go, – winks.
She left the shower without her anything, sat on the bed, spread her legs apart, smiled.
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